Corner Pillar Snap Points Please

I know this topic has been brought up before and has been mentioned by youtubers (like Shadiversity and I am sure others) but I wanted to add my voice to it and keep it on the developers radar. There have been a lot of changes and improvements to the game of late, many of them positive. But other than some new paid DLC build sets, there hasn’t been a lot of changes or improvements for the building community. Adding snap points for pillars to the corners of foundation pieces would be a relatively simple but powerful change that would greatly improve building capabilities.

Of course experienced builders know the work arounds to get a pillar placed on the corner of a foundation piece, but the current process is cumbersome, time consuming, somewhat costly, and doesn’t provide stability to the build (which is really quite silly). What we need is a snap point option for pillars to the corners of either square or triangle foundation pieces and ceilings. These pillars should also provide stability to connecting ceilings. Ideally 100% stability, but 80% would be acceptable to be consistent with the stability provided by walls to attached ceilings. This small feature alone would offer huge improvements to the aesthetics and practicality of builds. Nearly, all of my best builds, and the best of others I’ve seen involved corner pillar placement somewhere. Making this process easier would be a huge quality of life improvement. In addition I might also recommend changing the placement restrictions so pillars can be placed on corners even when walls are present. On the funcom streams the developers often discuss going through a cost benefit analysis for changes to the game. I have to imagine that the cost of this change would be relatively small, but the benefits for builders would be great. Funcom, if you’re reading, please consider adding corner snap points for pillars!


I would love it if corner pillars were a thing!

If you look at the new Riders DLC, they almost give us since a thing in the new stable frames. They are basically wall/fence pieces with an opening in the center and pillars at both sides of that wall.

Sadly, the fence version has no sockets at the top so it can’t actually support anything, and the gate version has extra bulk on the pillars for the fence gate to latch onto.

Still, for a quick n’ dirty solution, they could implement a functional pillar piece as if it was a “door frame” that visually has a single pillar on one corner of one side. In this way, there wouldn’t need to be any new snapping locations added since it could share a similar stability/rotation blueprint with existing content.


I like this idea, providing walls and fences could still be placed with the pillar piece. My one qualm with it though is that it would involve adding yet another building piece to the game, of which we already have arguably too many. For the current crafting and inventory system it can be quite difficult and tedious to find and access the building pieces you want, especially on consoles. But this is probably a topic for another post.

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Yeah recipe-menu management definitely needs an overhaul (even on PC we get annoyed by it), but that’s a whole other topic for sure. :slight_smile:

i won t even put a pillar on a wedge anymore, burns my azz how they go wonky half the time D8<

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Yes, i like this idea :slight_smile:


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