Add Sockets Atop The Stable Fences That Have Pillars

I got excited when I saw that there was a stable fence that has full-height pillars on it same as found at the edges of the lattice wall, lattice door frame, and some other new pieces. I wanted to place some of these taller fences on the sides of a new bridge that I built (i.e. atop the struts that support my rope bridges), and then put a vaulted ceiling tile over them from which to suspend braziers.

Unfortunately, even though it’s form factor is nearly identical to the “Stable Fence Gate Frame (Pillars)”, there are no sockets atop “Stable Fence (Pillars)”. Thus, even though they are a full-height piece, we can’t add anything above them so they can’t be used to make large windows, nor anything else. :frowning:

Please consider adding sockets atop these as it would allow for some cool new building techniques. Being as they can’t currently support anything, doing so shouldn’t cause any structural failures in existing builds, I would hope.

Additionally, it would also be cool if we could overlap the Lattice Half Wall with a Lattice Door Frame to make large windows, or pull-off the same bit of engineering I’m attempting with the Stable Fence Pillars.


yes plz

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