Building Pillars Foundations in 3.0

I’ve heard of several significant changes with 3.0 concerning pillars and fence foundations - like pillars will be needing foundations underneath, and how to construct 60° fence foundations without being able to use foundations for help. This would be pretty apocalyptic for some buildings and which preparations are necessary?

Continuing the discussion from Testlive Update 3.0 (2022.08.04): The Age of Sorcery:

“Pillars now lose 20 stability if it is placed on another building piece and attached without a socket.”

I believe this is the exact change being referenced. Can we get confirmation from any of the TL peeps about whether or not pillars being stacked loose stability or not? In other words, I start working my ceiling base from the side that is foundation and can I build out with ceiling and then chain pillars upward to the mesh on the 20 stability ceiling to gain 100 stability again?

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