Wall with spikes, i see spikes but they dont work?

Hello Everyone,

I have been saving up some ideas, so sorry for the forum spam :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, here we go. You can add spikes to your foundation sides but not to your walls. This makes it really hard to prevent people form climbing your buildings or use the dobble jump to get over your spikes :cry:

Please add a spikes that prevent climbing of your walls. Maybe you could place fence on the side or create a new structure you can put on your walls.

What do people think about this?

I am not sure I understand. I place fence pieces at the tops of my walls with no issues.

Perhaps post an image of what you are describing?

I believe he wants to allow spiked fences to overlap walls. Right now, the sockets are set up only for fences and crenelation to attach to ends of ceilings, on top of walls and extended from foundation tops. He want a spike so he can spike up the side of a honeycombed base, vs foundation tower as it is now. Am i correct @FightzGamer?

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Yes, that is correct. Since you can honeycomb foundations with fence foundations. I don’t believe it would be an bad thing to be able to do the same with walls.

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Ok, I see what you are asking now.

How about adding a spiked version of fence foundations? That would get by the socket overlap issue since you can already place fence foundation against an existing foundation.

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