Wall spikes NOT on top?

Ive seen walls with anticlimb spikes along the middle to prevent ppl from even climbing a little bit but cannot figure out how to do it. Google is also useless.
Tired of getting robbed.

Um click a crenulated wall and place it in a foundation?

I tried placing fence foundations and then snapping on tier 3 fences. They did not operate like they do when on top of walls

If your wall is intended to be 4 foundations high, try adding the fence atop the 2nd foundation before adding the last two. Note this is also how you add walls outside of foundations: you have to add the walls first and then the foundations afterwards, it can’t be done in reverse without mods.

Spiked fences can be placed either on the top of a wall, or on the surface (face) of a foundation, or on the top of a foundation.

I expect what you recall seeing are spiked fences sticking to the surfaces of foundations. Or, spiked fences atop fence foundation pieces.

Usually run the foundation wall for my builds. You can place the anti-climb fences on the foundations just fine.

Fence foundations first, then u can do the fences whereever u want almost on the foundation block.

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