Make foundations look more like walls for better visual

The black ice foundations look well with the walls, but sandstone and reinforced brick are a little ugly. It would be nice if they blended better. Also the walls would look better a little more blended as well at the seems, and perhaps make them look more like on large wall well built

you can place wall on foundation, I think.

You used to be able to, sadly not anymore :confused:

At least I know on console you can not

On a PC (official server):
To get a wall attached to the front of foundation piece - you first have to put the wall in place and then add the foundation piece to it. Easy when building upwards…foundation >wall on top>foundation against the wall then repeat upwards

Harder when the foundation is on the ground, but there is a way to do it. Put a foundation piece > add ceiling tile to foundation > add wall to ceiling tile dropping downwards into the ground > place foundation against the wall > when the set of foundations are placed behind the walls then delete the now unnecessary ceiling tiles and the unclad foundation

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Or how about foundations work like foundations and walls work like walls … just a thought

You can use fence foundations to cover the sides of foundation blocks. They look a little different from the walls, but more similar than the basic foundations

You can build the wall and stack foundations behind them. I will test it again, but did work before the recent changes.

yes I know, but I do not like the look of some fences.
And for one building I had a sloping surface that I was leveling out with walls on the upper foundations to “finish” it … so fence foundations with their different appearance did not suit as it would be a jagged look.

I upgraded the back wall earlier. There are foundations behind it.

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Just built this as a test. It works if you place the walls first.

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Thats on pc or console? Im on console sadly, but awesome of you to do that :slight_smile:

PC, but a parity patch will allow this. It has been around in PC for a while now. i discovered it by accident.

Can do it as well on console.

Foundations look alright as they are since, at least I assume, they are not meant to be to work as walls but this is something a gameplay designer would have to confirm.

With things being as they are you have more variety in combining the different textures of the building blocks, would be sad to change that since you can put walls first.

I do the same for basements and the likes.

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