Foundation stacking and facing with walls

I guess I get why this was disabled in PvP, is it possible to enable in PvE? I like to have smooth buildings in my game wall facing from raised foundation to roof. Now walls will not snap to the outside of raised foundations leaving an ugly raised foundation.

Also just noticed foundation stacking isn’t working the same. I like to build against the side of cliffs. Foundations will still set properly on ground level, but it won’t always let me stack a foundation on top of another now. Making interior multi tiered areas now have ugly foundation walls too since I can’t put walls on foundation tiles… this just sucks all the way around.

Please allow walls to attach to foundation sides again or make foundations that match the walls which seems like much more work then reversing what you did.

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I remember reading somewhere this is a bug and it is going to be addressed. There are a few workarounds. Like placing the foundation fence first and then placing the foundation in it. Which can be tricky and a waste of resources, due to having to place other pieces around it for the fence to snap in the first place.

The end result is the same. As for foundations not stacking. I have had to place additional foundations around the space I am trying to fill. There is also a bug where placed structure pieces become bugged. They are visible but cannot be targeted ingame. For this I just log out and log back in and try again.

My most recent example was when I was converting my tower over to black ice. I had to remove each foundation piece one at a time to place a fence foundation and then place the foundation behind it.

Here’s hoping they fix this soon.

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Ahhh, thanks! I do like my smooth walls. I must try this.

You can snap fences to foundations, for extra defense or for visual, fences dont share the same graphic with regular walls but they are very similar.

There is still a way to “snap” walls on foundations, you have to build the walls first, then place the foundation inside. It wont work the other way as you are trying to do. Try doing it, make a square wall then place a foundation inside, it should work.

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Thanks. I have noticed you can build foundations inside walls. I do miss being able to snap fence foundations to foundations though, particularly with insulated wood where there are significant texture differences between walls and fence foundations. This isn’t game breaking, just a little disappointing from a purely aesthetic point of view.