Foundation stacking question

Hi, I seen something about foundation stacking the other day and wanted to ask what the definition of that is? Whenever I Google it I see fence foundation stacking, is that the same thing ?
For example if I created a building where the walls were made of normal foundations rather than walls would that be allowed or is that specifically against the rules?

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It’s an exploit, but it is one that is soon to be fixed. Any foundation that can get under another foundation is foundation stacking. Easy to prepare for it. Just use regular walls above the foundation. Fence stacking is different. It’s being allowed at least two high from base of the foundation. You can put fences on foundations. I hope this made sense.

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Unfortunately there is nothing “specific” in the rules at all - about anything. :smiley: hehehe…

My guess is that foundation walls are fine. Maybe even double thick ones in moderation. Fence foundation stacking was what Funcom addressed - it’s already done. People were making “walls” from fence foundations over 20 to 60 layers thick - maybe not so bad with tiny builds in reality but apply that to those ridiculous mega-builds 100 or 200 blocks long, and it actually causes problems. Since all that came down they’ve stated that it’s uncool to stack anything - even thralls. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I say though; I don’t think a wall made of foundations would be considered “stacking” - that would be unreasonable - even for Funcom. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I’m pretty close to 100% sure that Dzonatas is completely 100% wrong (above). I dunno why he said that - it makes zero sense - and as far as I know Funcom has said nothing of the sort - anywhere. ~=shrug=~

Maybe he’ll explain it to us who’s crystal balls are currently out of order. :slight_smile:

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Maybe the thread is dead now if you searched? I just got bits and pieces of discussion. You know, ideas not personal accusations.

The point I made is that it is still working and can be fixed, as I suggested. That way when Funcom pushes the fix then working builds will stay up, too.

Foundation stacking is not what was the issue. Fence stacking was. Basically if you used triangles to create 5-7 fence foundations in the space of 1 foundation, that was fence stacking. You got around 700,000 HP in the area of 1 foundation, coupled with door/gate frames, you could make 2.1 million HP “walls” around your base in the area of 3 foundations (300,000) hp. It was also extremely difficult to blace bombs on top of the “stacked” fences. Horizontal was the “exploit” , not vertical. Hope that helps.


FFS, here we go. It’s not personal to be told you’re wrong. It’s not personal to tell someone else you’re wrong. Stop it! You’re just wrong, that’s all - no biggy! Of course there is an extremely slim chance I could be wrong about you being wrong but… :smiley:

It doesn’t work like that either. I still see clan bases that were created with multi-layer fence stacking before they made the changes for example - players just can’t currently build like that any more under the new build mechanics. Nothing falls apart or explodes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds personal and sensational to me. Your snarks gave me no way to apply constructive criticism, but I’ll let you message me your rant.

Not “snarks” and there’s no way because there’s no room for it. FC said NOTHING about this - ever - AFAIK. You have no legs to stand on so there is no rebut possible. Sounds like you skimmed some thread where players were speculating wrongly - happens a lot here!

But sure, keep derailing the tread with this BS…

Pretty much everyone on these forums has adopted the shorthand convention of saying “foundation stacking” when talking about fence foundation stacking. Speaking of which, “fence foundation stacking” does not (and never did) refer to building fence foundations on top of each other, but rather stacking them horizontally, i.e. in depth, as close to each other as you can, to increase the density of your base and make it more defensible.

It can cause some confusion, but that’s just the way we all are: if we can say something in fewer words (or syllables), we’ll do it :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, fence foundation stacking used to be a problem. Funcom eventually decided it was an exploit and included it in their reasons for banning. When that didn’t help, they implemented in-game mechanics to prevent stacking the fence foundations as densely as before.

Even though you can’t stack them as densely anymore, I wouldn’t do it anyway. I’m pretty confident that Funcom would still frown on it. Of course, that’s just my own belief, which could be wrong :wink:

As for stacking foundations on top of each other, I have absolutely no clue where anyone would get an idea that this is an exploit. I certainly haven’t seen anyone from Funcom say anything along those lines. Furthermore, stacking foundations on top of each other has always been a game mechanic and it has always been straightforward and easy to do. Unlike fence foundation stacking, it never required a convoluted building technique: you just point and click and the game lets you put one foundation on top of the other.


Right. It doesn’t seem broken. :+1: :wink:

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This, =3

I Seen a few people on my Servers Ask This. And its alot to do with Loli-Pop Bases, and Spider Webs.
People use Square Foundations as Walls, 3-4 THICK. (My Rule sets state make "Normal Homes and Forts, Foundations - No Non-Rp Stacking) People using “Foundation Stacking” Instead of “Fence Foundation Stacking” is often key note people miss.

I’ll add thou… Just to point out something, Stacking Foundations (on top of one another) “Normally”
And having them blocked by others, can cause Purge Issues. So if Said foundation is picked as Attack point… 5 deep in all directions, they game may spawn them on top of everything.


BTW, it seems like they fixed the vertical stacking they broke while they were in there messing with the building mechanics to limit the horizontal stuff. At least I think so.

I was in Savage Wilds with the only mod being that Amunets Server Transfer and Stormglass fence foundations (one of the broken ones) were stacking perfectly with the higher ← → lower offsets and everything!

So good work @Funcom_Community - or whoever I would tag for that…


I believe Stormglass is one of the few that is working, but I’m very grateful it’s fixed because it’s one of the fence foundations I use the most.


It is allowed to build foundations for walls. You’ll have absolutely no problem, this is actually a mechanic that should people build for making their base solid fortress. Later on, like @biggcane55 told you players find out how to cheese the mechanics and build with fence foundation stacking, this however was causing lausy server performance and in raid hours a lot of servers were crushing. If however you want to “dress” your foundations with fence foundations, this is allowed too. If you don’t understand (my bad English sorry) and you need an example, I 'll be happy to build something and send you photos, feel free to ask :+1:t6:.


Oh… :stuck_out_tongue: How forgetful am i? Wait, wasn’t it also Stormglass?

I don’t participate in the pvp matches so the ‘honeycombing’ was never a peeve I felt.

But I did use the fence foundation file when setting up for a tough purge.
File __from 'rank and file"_…parallel rows

Is that going to be a thing of the past?

Where you can pull a snapline from a parallelogram snapped to the first foundation then fill in from there, every other file of foundation.

Cheesing the mechanics is why I don’t play PvE. I can stack a few foundations, wall it in, and kill bosses.


You shouldn’t need to do that though so that tactic seems a little too extreme. I mean anyone with even just a Level 1 T3 thrall should be able to easily defeat any and every boss in official servers. I can’t think of a boss that is so difficult one would need to make traps like that for.

Also that technique shouldn’t work with the current version. Bosses that encounter or touch user created barriers go into some kind of fast reset mode where if they can’t get to the player or an active thrall they reset in about 3 seconds - even if you continue damaging them. On Siptah they typically just turn around and leave - and on EL they very often teleport back to their home position and begin rapidly healing.

Too much effort for nothing. I remember building on my Single player 3 foundations high, around it some palisades and I was shooting the croc to come :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Now this is not fun anymore and actually it wasn’t fun even back then. The most important however is that it is not necessary to cheese a boss, at least not for me :man_shrugging:. If you decide to start Siptah and send me invitation to join your server you’ll see :wink:.


Thank you and everyone else for all the answers that is clarified for me now, appreciate the help :slight_smile: