Foundation stacking, why isn't it yet a bug?

I searched around, and I found some mentions of it. It is quite odd to stack foundations above 10 squares without them attached to anything else (like cliff sides). I think a new rule is needed, as the issue goes back a few years with no clarity of why allow foundation stacking.

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Foundation stacking is allowed because it’s the most simple and straightforward way to create a flat area on rough or even just sloped terrain. It’s a very user friendly approach as opposed to forcing people to place a foundation and use pillars to get the proper height so they can lay a floor piece, then surround the outside with walls to cover the gaps.

That said, it can and does get abused.


Thanks for your explanation.

Without foundation stacking, I estimated it will take about 4x-5x the amount of work compared to one foundation.

I’m trying to continue conversation about it being, currently, unlimited (for whatever reason).

Also in some builds it works perfectly ( instead of pillars that are centered on a triangle or square and “slim” ) with the sloped ceilings pieces .

will post a screen later to show an example =)


@Kanza1, Please do, I need to understand the conversation.

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So this is what I meant with when I said It worked well with sloped ceiling ( in the example , it’s triangle fundations stacked ) !


@Kanza1, So stacking foundations is like I build with foundations and not walls?

I hate to say it but some people really don’t know what the hell they are talking about concerning many aspects of the game… This topic has got to be one of the worst…

So now even foundation stacking is viewed as a problem? Seriously?

Good grief…

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Well, yeah, it is viewed as a problem and has been for some time. The issue originates in how land claim is calculated.

You probably know that when you place a foundation block, it claims a certain area around that block so other people can’t build right next to it and things that would normally spawn in that area no longer will. This requires the server to make a calculation to figure all that out. If you place two blocks, the server runs this calculation twice. Three blocks, three calculations. Etc., etc.

So if you’ve placed say, five hundred blocks, then the server runs that calculation five hundred times. If you’ve used those five hundred blocks to build something like a 5x5 tower though, then essentially you’re forcing the server to run five hundred calculations for an area that just goes straight up into the air. Which means that tower is causing excess server lag.

I know some changes were made to alleviate this somewhat, but even so it’s still considered bad practice to stack foundations beyond what is reasonable.


Yeah @stelagel, that’s pretty much the most common example. Using foundation blocks instead of wall pieces to build all your walls. Any time you place one foundation block on top of another, that’s stacking foundations.

Like I said earlier though, it’s not strictly a bad thing, but there are people who abuse it as well as those who take an extreme view on the subject by labeling the practice universally bad.


Seriously, I haven’t seen or heard any argument for needing more than 10 stacked foundations. I think that limit can be implemented; instead of letting it be unlimited or unable to discuss the issues.

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I don’t know for PVE , but for PVP and in a certain extent PVE-C , fundations stacking allows the person to put anti-climb in a more efficient way than a wall that only allows you to put anti-climb on the tippity top.

Now fundation stacking doesn’t make any real performance issue , devs have said something about it no longer being a problem - as @Glurin said , some time ago ( something like a year and a half or more ) the fundations would tick for land claim and therefore induce a bit of stress on the server . but now it’s history .


I could post a video that shows how anti-climb are turned into stairs by the opponent.

It doesn’t work on ziggurat walls if all the foundations are even (no slope). It’s not intuitive. It’s illusive to the point.

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if you use fences for anticlimb then yes it’s easy for oponents to walk on them in an straight line while crouched , but with crenelated ‘fences’ in an uneven pattern is less practicable by the oponents !

and even if no fort is unpenetrable , it’s still a defensive mesure that you totally must have (anti climb I mean ) on pve-c / pvp to at least refrain the :fire: a bit

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A wall of drawbridges with anti-climb seems like the current trend.

I think we don’t disagree there about needing anti-climb.

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So, first of all @Glurin thank you very much m8 :+1:. Now, @Dzonatas you say that there is a limit that stops 10 foundations high ? If there is a limit I can understand why. Some old YouTubers were fixing a single foundation tower just to explain to the users how to cheat the journey step that you gain when you climb the highest mountain in the volcano. 20 months back I tried to do this too but I couldn’t build a single foundation tower, so I watch another video and I gain it correctly :joy::joy::joy:. In my pvp clan I was not the builder, Psyco and Ganga was the builders and if I remember correctly they were reaching the wall (from foundations) about that high. I never however asked them why they didn’t go higher. I didn’t even knew about the limit, when it happened to me I thought it was a bug. I really hope I am in topic however and I don’t say bull… t here :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

I didn’t say there is a limit unless you need to point out the render range.

I think some peeps from Isle of Siptah are bleeding over with “new” defense strategies onto Exiled Lands.

A band-aid approach might be a new progress bar (a “settings” tab) for how high foundations can be stacked.

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And why or how this can be useful, please use simpler words or examples better :joy::joy::joy:.

A progress bar will be exactly what it looks like to the end user. It’s like letting the admin adjust the level of religion(RP) on a slider. See? Your progress is… to this idea.

People want to understand “developer speak”, but they pass on it when the developers are listening.

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For PvE it’s obviously going to be more aesthetic focused than functional. Like in those pictures you posted earlier. A thin column of pillar pieces just wouldn’t look anywhere near as good in a build like that.

I’ve also done a couple of builds on Siptah located on some of those steep cliffs where I had to extend the foundation down pretty far in a few spots just so that section didn’t look minecrafty. Or like it could collapse from having all the dirt and rock washed out from under it.

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