Balance walls with foundations

It’d be nice to not be forced to use all foundations on bases seeing as the base building is a huge draw point for the game. If you want to make an aestetically pleasing base, it’s hard to do as foundations are souly and neccessary to use for pvp. Even a little boost in hp, or reduction of with foundations, would stop users from feeling like huge foundation square buildings are the only safe way to survive. Just a thought, feels like a waste to have such beautifle walls and whatnot only to not use them through fear of being leveled easily by bombs and gods.

I agree, but they should actually disable foundation stacking, it makes no sense.
Foundation should be only placeable on ground, above it walls and ceillings.

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I strongly disagree, there’s plenty of cases where putting a foundation atop another is necessary to get an (IMO) aesthetically pleasing result - sloping ground builds for example (which is almost always the case to at least some degree).


Just complement it with ceillings, put a carpet on it later.

To solve the problem of buildings made of foundations they might either limit foundation stacking to an arbitrary amount, say 2, limit it to one foundation, or do nothing and let it like now. In practice,

I think it’s a zero or one situation, limit it to one or dont limit it at all. If you limit foundation stacking to 2, i’ts still posible to build with foundations mostly and there will be angry people arguing their base had 3 foundation stacked and broken by the update. If you limit it to 3 stacking, people with 4 foundation stacked will complain.
The solution probably will be left as is now.

Indeed. If you play on a PvP server, you should expect to see mostly strictly utilitarian buildings - you’d be crazy not to. If you disallow foundation stacking for aesthetic reasons, what’s the next step? Ban square, box-like buildings because they’re boring too (and they are, dreadfully so, but that’s just my opinion).

I don’t neccessarily mind square buildings, just why not be able to use all the sources given to you balanced so you COULD if you wanted to. That’s all I’m saying. Or at the very least, allow the walls to cover foundations again, even if it means giving those walls no hp to do so

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I don’t understand why anyone would want foundation stacking to go away. Like that makes no sense what so ever and for the reason I’m saying that is because you someones has to flatten out the ground your building on in order for it work how you need it to work. I honestly foundation stack but not to protect my base, but to make sure that my building will hold together properly when I go to build/add on to the rest of it. Like for example you know how ugly and stupid it looks when you have a foundation hanging from your building and its not connected to anything? Looks stupid that’s mainly for the foundation stacking. I honestly love when people foundation stack to “PROTECT BASE” when I actually love when people do that. Main reason i love when people surround the whole base in foundations then I see a very easy raid. Destroy bottom foundation and everything above it will coming down if its all foundations.


IMO, when raiding I love seeing foundation stacking. Less layers to get through than walls, and they all collapse because there is no top down stabilization. Honestly, it is expensive, but utilization of walls and ceilings works better than foundation stacking because of the attachment stability. Think 1x1 boxes with walls and ceilings. And you get aesthetics from the walls.

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I’m not against that, but walls DO have advantages over foundations in that they give your more “interior space” for the same “outside” footprint.

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I’m playing on my own pc solo, so that I can learn the game without the difficulties of PVP. I don’t think the stacking of foundations should be changed. It is probably not practical, but I have used stacked foundations, 3-5 high every fourth space apart for columns and ceilings to connect the entire grid together, creating a rather plain structure, like a great hall. I built this outward from a cliff face and over a river, while leaving the outside edges open. So, my shelter is about 8 columns x 6 columns in size with even spacing every fourth building point being a column. I connected this with ceiling tiles for a large flat roof and now an elevator up. I may build this up one more level the same way. I do not know the structural strength this has, but for now I am simply. getting used to the game. i have thought about moving all my craft stations to the roof, but don’t want to have trouble when building on top. I will add walls once I am done expanding it to my liking.

On pvp servers this is how i like to build my outer walls. Multiple layers with ceilings to keep stability in case of a breach. It takes more work for them to get in, and less damage is done to the base if they do.

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Exactly it makes no difference, you just have to break the lower one and everything on top collapses.

the solution is to make walls and doors have slightly more hp than foundations

Agreed, coupled with the angled (sloping?) wall pieces, you can sort of approach an arch-like look. Albeit a very angled arch that would probably defeat the purpose of an arch, structurally speaking, but still.

I think it makes sense for walls to have less HP than foundations since they are thiner.

Do not like the idea of no foundation stacking anymore since it gives you the option to flatten ground plus to be used to visually enhance your base (I like to use a stack of foundations left and right of the gates to make it more intimidating.

The fact they will crumble down once you destroy the bottom one is balance enough for me, coming from PVE.

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