Illegal Structures? Clearification Please?

I never would have known, multiple fence foundations wasnt intended?

overlapping building pieces that have been built (building pieces occupying the same space) will be removed from all official servers, for instance fence foundations (in cross formations as well).

Ex #1


ex #2

ex #3

ex #4

wich one will be allowed?

BTW Example 1 was the only thing saving my Entire Storage Area from a crazy Rocknose PURGE deciding to spawn inside that mountain You can see in G8, this is on PVE-C.

Well I found this in another thread, no wonder they had to do something with the PVPers, trying theyre uttermost to have an advantage by kinda cheating…

I’d like a better explanation regarding this change as well.

Overlapping building pieces? What is that exactly? How can I tell if I have done that or not?

I’d rather not sign in to find chunks of my building exploding into the air.

Are fence foundations against regular square foundations enough to get removed?

You know what would be cool? Something in the event log stating “THIS PART OF YOUR BASE IS GOING TO EXPLODE NEXT PATCH” so we have a heads up


1# & 2# are bugs, but 3# & 4# are intended gameplay

Good idea. Presumably the idea is to solve a problem, not to punish someone who may have built illegal structures. I gather this has mostly happened in a PvP environment where it has become semi-meta to stack fence foundations or some nonsense like that, but official information on the matter is not exactly exhaustive. I for one am still worried my relatively peaceful PvE village will implode where certain parts intersect other parts (because it’s visually pleasing).

So, rolling it out in two rounds, one to identify/inform users (and perhaps block new builds of this kind) and then a later one that destroys existing structures would be optimal. Then again I understand that this is evidently a pressing concern since asshats are predictably abusing it for all sorts of shenanigans.

Form what I understand, what you have shown in screen Ex#1 and Ex#2 is not as intended. The correction will remove the offending structure parts and might result in loss of placed items.


In your first picture it’s difficult to see but the crossing of foundations will get nuked…

In your second photo, the pieces that have fence foundations going THROUGH actual foundations - will be nuked.

The third photo…Those look okay. Same thing with the fourth.

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What if a placeable (e.g., a furnace) clips through a building part? Does that count as overlapping and will they be destroyed, too?

Placeables have been clipping thru walls forever, and never caused a server crash that I know of. You will be fine. They are specifically targeting building pieces that co-exist in the same space. The only way you should lose a placeable is if it is set on top of a crossed fence foundation or overlapped foundation/ fence foundation. If it is on a 2nd story or higher floor and the foundation gives way, it may take down part of your floor and then again, you would lose the placeable.

What about the wall foundation wall? example you build two walls 1 foundation apart then put a foundation in-between the 2 walls is that over lapping?

No, it is not. I say this since I have accidentally placed walls between foundations in the gap a fence foundation can fill.


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