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They have decided to fix the issue with overlapping causing server issues. here is the post. This should be fun…



@Ignasi Does this include walls and fence foundations on the sides of foundations?


  1. We build a foundation on the ground, then attach fence foundations to the outer surfaces. Do those fence foundations break?
  2. We build a foundation, then build walls atop it on all sides, then place a foundation in the center of those walls. Do either the walls or the foundation break?
  3. Also, will this prevent us from using doorframes to offset the height of foundations? i.e. place a foundation place a doorframe atop it, then you can raise a fence foundation about 1/4 a block height to make a large window or slot in a foundation next to it for a stepped look.

Asking because I use these techniques in virtually everything I build for both aesthetics and to strengthen them against the Purge.

Edit: I can provide videos of what I’m talking about if my descriptions above are unclear.

@WhatMightHaveBeen Thanks for the heads-up, I’d have missed this!


wait wait wait…

Ur telling me that “If you don’t understand what the above means, you probably shouldn’t worry about it.” didn’t ease any and all concerns?

Yeah me either

Any info on what streamer has the most honeycombed walls and is at war would be appreciated. I’m heading to grab lots of popcorn


Does this go for ‘proper’ building pieces only (walls, fences, foundations etc) or also the more decorative things, that often allow a certain (sometimes significant) amount of overlap as part of their normal placement? Examples like flower pots and tents.

Thank you to everyone in this chain. All of the questions on building designs are either things I use or friends use. I don’t like to think of myself as dense, but that PSA couldn’t have been written more cryptically if they tried.

For once (sorry PC brethren) I’m glad us console folks lag behind in getting updates.


cryptic enough to remove all items from chests and benches the area and move them in vaults on terrian ground before the update and clench them butt cheeks for the impending implosion of the base.


My thoughts exactly

Amen… and that’s why I’m glad my console gets the patch later. For purely selfish reasons, I’ll get to see the aftermath of the butt clenching.

Now if Sony and Microsoft would get off their high horses, I would be more than happy to help out in a test live instance on the xbox.

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This will be entertaining to see because of some of the massive builds i see using glitchy techniques like the foundation burrito and the cross fencing. There will be some really opened up Alpha bases. I will be ready with my enc build and nearby vaults outside these bases just to scoop those loot drops :slight_smile:

PS…this is going to be a semi wipe of all officials lol.


You got a generous gift of the understatement. That’s like going to the dentist and he says the teeth are fine but your gums have gotta come out. :slight_smile: Thanks for the visibility.


Funny, since we now know it was definitely a major strain on servers to dismantle/destroy these builds, is it possible that it has been–since day 1-one of the main contributing factors to lag on servers? I know there are other things, but I imagine it was taxing the game engine to render in these glitch builds.

I would invite you to try it on your own server but you have an active pop. It’s super-easy for PC if you have another unit laying around to just drop in and start stressing it right away. Somebody like you would really benefit from the PC side.

Cast a bunch of blocks under the soil, say in the jungle, then keep “casting” to them. Your stack will deplete, but sure enough you’ll be making placements. Fly ghost near one of these and it probably looks like a hornet’s nest. I know it looked bad on my PC server when mesh was so much more available, and we were doing bulk testing with some college students. It’s probably much deeper than we can imagine.


Lucky you getting to loot other bases without effort. :stuck_out_tongue: Meanwhile, we PvE folks are just gonna be sitting here like, “Yup, 6+ months waiting on the scavenging thing to get fixed and still nothing. Sucks that @Palm522 wasn’t on a 6:00 this morning for the reboot, guess I’ll watch all their hard work despawn.”

Really hope the 3 cases I listed above are still legal, otherwise that’s really going to dumb-down and limit things. Hope any server running @Multigun’s overlap mod will be OK — might have to rent or move to one of those afterwards…

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Is that not when the official you’re on reboots? 1502 restarts shortly after 6am ET, so I figured it was the same on others too. :slight_smile:

Can someone explain this in a bit better terms? I mean how am I to know if my building stuff is considered overlapping
Some screens or video pls

@Cattibria has a couple posts in the following thread with more info on what should or shouldn’t be allowed:


Great, because that is the only way I know to get the Gates to line up with the edge of a foundation and not in the middle of one.
Looking forward to the fix.

This is probably a good bye, I truly loved this game, I’ve spent 11 beautiful months playing it on a community we built on official server #1038 from nothing than ruthless trolls and exploiters, it was really funny.

I’m not angry, I’m sad, we simply not have nor the time nor the will to rebuild all of this, and the problem is there is no fix for this, the only way to reconnect a building with a wrong angle is to rebuild the building, the problem is there is no point in mantain a bridge if you wipe out the stairs because it connects two buildings have a strange (not 90 nor 60 degree) angle.
There is no means in mantain a wall I cannot close in any other way without rebuild half of the base aligned.

I will value damages (there is no way to know NOW exactly what will be wiped out), but if the main base will become useless we’ll quit.

Just a suggestion to do not lose next generation community of players: if you think this is a bug, than DISABLE rotating pieces and force player build oriented in N-S-W-E directions, at least they don’t discover there is no way to connect buildings AFTER had built them :wink:

We posted a clarification here:

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I’ve placed all gates just by trying it “sideways” with no problem at all so far.
Just try standing to the left of where you want to place the gates. Hard to explain, but I’ve never needed fence foundations for gates.