Can I stack walls with fence foundation in my base on official server?


Just as topic name says am I allowed to make walls stacked by placing them on fence foundation in my base? I heard from someone on the server that I can get banned for it, and I would rather know beforehand.

While I believe it was something done in the past when it was in excess, the current built in limits that CE has done is where i don’t think this is as much of an issue. It’s literally a measure if if you can get around the programmed limit of placing fence foundations that close anymore which if you have figured that out, that is probably hacking and you would be banned for sure if detected.

If memory serves right, I believe you can only get as fence foundations 1/2 to 1/3 a foundation distance from each other now (vs the 1/5 that used to be able to do)

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Building a wall of fence foundations instead of cube or wedge foundations is not against the rules. Go for it.

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