How thick wall that it be bannable

I heard over stacking is stacking is bannable
To make sure we’re on same page I am not referring fence stacking but one foundation after another.

Now 3 foundations high with 2 anti climb takes 13 bombs.

Goal is have basic wall to take minim 60 bombs, that is 5 foundations thick and make sure anti wall is not weak point one foundation higher then other one.

Now if use wedges you can achieve 2 1/2 thick.

But what about 200 bomb that’s 15 foundations square 8 wedge foundations thick after 3 high you can start useing walls legate cost but must use foundations to support 2 anti climbs.

When does bannable begin u see attacker had unlimited resources to attack but defender has limit

I could be wrong here but we are all guessing here anyways. No body knows the “limit” I don’t believe putting a foundation behind another foundation is bannable and if it then you may as well uninstall the game because that’s just silly.


Not 2 but 5 maybe 10 , but funcom even said that stacking foundations like fence stacking is circled venting.

I use to believe they doing this over balance but now I feel they only doing it for crappy servers. So it’s not I have 10 foundations in small space it’s because I have 10 foundations.

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Jeeberz people… there is no limit! When are yall going to understand these simple rules?

If you want to play the game in a mode where it’s bombs+gods vrs. impenetrable structures then you should not be on the official servers. This is Funcom’s implied decree.

Instead find more intelligent schemes, mechanics and dynamics. Play the game as if it’s assured your base will easily be destroyed and you will easily be able to destroy other people’s.

It’s bannable when you use the building system in unintended ways. But it likely depends on whether or not you’re caught doing so as to whether or not you will be banned.



We’re sorry you might have missed our explanation. We’ll paste it here again to make sure to reach you:

"Unfortunately, circumventing the stacking fix with other means to achieve the same goal is still exploiting the intended mechanic of the game.

Please understand that any form of stacking of building pieces, placeables, and even having a huge amount of pets and thralls on the same area, affects the official server’s performance negatively.”

Right cleary point out that thick walls are bannable.

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Tell that to those that are wiped and banned for a “limit” broken. - But hey there are no limits? alright go figure…


This is probably the best point made with ToS in PvP servers. A player can have 1000 bombs of DP in inventory and with ToS that would pretty kuch wipe entire bases out.


Please show me one message from FC or Zendesk where the word “limit” was used.

Well… think about it this way
How much fun is it in PvP when you try to break a base that has 20 rows of walls?
If you don’t want to be raided, play PvE-C. Raiding is a part of PvP.

I don’t know the limit, but I think Funcom is “trying” anything to balance it out.

I just think banning without warning is kind of a bad move.

Please take this with a grain of salt, but think about it.


Yup, I totally agree with that. Personally I think base wiping is fine - go for it! But banning people for 1st and 2nd time building violations? OMG, who does that???

Answer: No other company on the planet!

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Yes I am da bomb

tos says don’t build Massive constructions

Server transfer blog

“On these servers, travelling across the Exiled Lands or the Isle of Siptah should include encounters with other players and their creations, whether a massive fortress or our beloved default 2x2 hut near the river.”

is that so people can see them to report them and get them wiped


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I agree raiding is part of the game. But woth offl8ne the meta anything less than 20 walls is a paper bag.

The “fixed” one issue by removing fence stacking, but it just made offlining easier.


Yeah Funcom has a lot of balancing to do, they just started.
The only thing really bothering me is the move they make by banning players without warning.

The issue however if they fix or restrict building flexibility will we open up another issue making building tedious?

Take for example how they changed combat, its sluggish. I hope something similar won’t happen to building too :confused:


It would make no difference for a PVP game if one gets 10000 blocks on A, B side also gets 10000 blocks.

Now how u use them will determine if u win or not.

It would be better for pvp with a limit.

Imagine a game of chess, one side have twice the amount of pieces???

Games now keep PVeC, and PVP different server setup, we said we wanted this for years in Conan too, hopefully they will do it.

No need to change stuff on PVE, PVE-c servers when things like building is getting worse and worse.

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4 years is a long just starting phase lol.


I believe that Funcom is doing some major work behind the scenes. First, they removed fence stacking. Second, we have “the great merge.” What’s next? I have a theory.

They removed fence stacking because they’re going to be rebalancing building pieces, and it’s practically impossible to balance pieces against one another when you can stack 4-8 of them in the space of a foundation. Their stated reason of “impacting server performance” was likely an afterthought, but they listed it as the primary reason because they didn’t want to allude to nerfs/buffs to building pieces just yet.

Then they brought server merges: They’re targeting low-population servers for the most part, but the amount of building pieces is also an important factor. They’re clearing a lot of servers and wiping a lot of buildings. It’s part of a “cleanup” phase to further assist in bringing a better balance to buildings.

Their next step is to mess around with the building pieces and siege-weapons (Bombs, Gods, Trebs, ETC) and rebalance them. This is only a theory, and honestly the amount of speculation I’m delving into is nothing short of “tin-foil hat” territory, but I like the think positively, ya’know?

That isn’t the case for my transfer situation. We have drastically lower amounts of buildings but only two people were on for January. It appears my target server has two clans. One has overwelming dominance of structures literally everywhere while the other has one building in the highlands. There are at least 4 people on the target server but 3 are one clan and the other is assumed active since their base is still present.