Any ideals on a strong roof

I been making my bases mainly out of t2 insulated wood super cheap.

I find wedges creates twice strong wall verses square which I still confused why people ingnore them. All my testing wedge wall counts double vs square only problem you use double resources.

My main problem is roof say I am making base 400 k strong that is 4 wedges thick. The problem is if I want to build outside of cave my roof would be 8 layers thick.

But best way found doors is hatches with anti climb it makes door just as strong as wall itself.

Roofs have always been the weak point of base design which is why pillar/apex are so prominent in PVP servers. It’s the furtherst point of the base from the attacker. There are ways to insultate it with layers of roofing and or foundations and using anticlimb to try to prevent access but it’s still one of those things…if the clan attacking is dedicated to your destruction, there really isn’t much you can do in terms of base design outside of making it hidden. If they know where it is, you will eventually die. Avatars and bombs are far too easy to grind out and base defenses are not on par with this. So the only true defense when getting sieged is active PVP defending. If you aren’t on, then you are doomed. If they outnumber you, you are pretty much doomed unless they are junk PVPers. All in all, the game favors the attacker vs the defender each and every time you go toe to toe. You got to outthink your attackers to remotely survive with hidden bases or hidey holes in the base that they will overlook.

400k, 200k, 800k strong … is the same. If someone want to raid you, you will be raided :slight_smile:

100k = 15 bombs.

Build small and hide in the jungle it is the best way to protect you. And it cost less ressources and no defending thralls.


Yeah I keep breaking the small rule…it starts small and then home improvement happens (IE bored and want to keep building stuff to see how cool I can make it)


Build a small base hidden with benchs and to store important things.

Then build your dream big base, but must be empty at raid time.
If raided you just loose some building pieces.


I would actually counter that and have it full of the partial stacks so that the raider thinks they have gotten your goods. Your full stacks are in that hidden spot.

BTW, PVP tip 532. Keep your regular mats unlocked and store your unique and special stuff behind/under these. The raider is so giddy with the goods you have left and you are clearly a noob to keep your chests unlocked that they don’t think of blowing them away to see hidden spots…even when they start cutting into your side foundations to find your “hidden room”…they leave the open chests areas alone.

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I not going to raid proof but I want they waste their time.

If my building is only t2 yet it 400 k attack and in end all stole iron reinforcement and insulated planks who really lost.

I got hole my base

You can double the roof.

Outside of making roof 8 foundations high t2 or 4 high in t3.

No one knows

Question for the room: Are we still allowed to use the “foundation 1/4 raise/lower action?” If we are, I suspect you could legally stack ceiling pieces, at 1/4 height distant vertically from each other. That would be pretty annoying.

A lot of PvPers that I follow, and have witnessed in person rely on Black Ice rooftop pieces. Lots and lots and lots and lots of them. Totally legal, just stacked to the brim. Loaded with prickly fences too.


Current events I would avoid that stacking until funcom says it’s ok.

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:thinking: :thinkup: :thinking: Wow that’s going to change everything. You know, I bet you’re right… every one of them is possibly in violation. I don’t want to be the guy to tell 'em.

Then heck, I guess it’s @Selene01 ftw.

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I told someone to be carful because blocked noob cave and that somehow triggered war against me as I was going to do it.

I only came with x build in my head don’t if pieces would mesh or not trying put two anti climb on.

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Yes ceiling stacking is still allowed.

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Moderation is the key. 3 layers…ok. 5?..probably OK. 15? Yeah come on cut it out. 40? Darwin’s theory comes into play and the player and build die. This is why we don’t get a solid number…because in moderation, things should be fine. When taken to extremes, it gets dumb and needs to die.

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As you can probably tell I’m being introspective about this subject, as well as projecting the effect this will have on the fellas with piles of interlocking rooftops.

It just seems cleaner the way Selene presents it. Personally I like to build temples with no shrines, only fountains. So I think I’ll plot some ratfink niche bases, then make some RP places of worship/contemplation.

My strong roof, when jammed into a crack, is pretty much an annoying mess for a raider.

@Styker: you’ve had success with hatches? I can’t ever get them to work defensively on Officials: invariably one or more will have a hatch frame that can’t take a hatch.


If you play on Siptah I cannot suggest you a lot. If you play on exile lands there are a lot of ruins that will help you to your roofing issue. I have uploaded a photo on “share an old screen shot” , how to make your roof difficult to climb on. This is not fence stacking, this is building and cannot be out of rules. I don’t speak about how big, you need months in official to build this and probably another clan will crush you before you even start, or rules will stand as boundary so ban.
I always say that pvp building has its own great creativity.

Choose a landscape that the opponents cannot attack from all sides.

Choose a height that will allow you to break their trebuchet attack.

Choose an environment that will make nude walking not so easy or better impossible (really hard)

Prepare to loose anyway, but make it a fight to remember, not a walk in the park.

Have fun m8


you have to skip one layer between to add the doors but the middle of a 3 hatch system is a pain to set in…possible but lots of patience is needed.

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Well hatch I see no real point stacking outside.

Hatch with anti climb can only be climb if door is open blocking anti climb.

So if u stacking ceilings useing multiple hatches that still be 1/3 so you have go 4 just to even make worth that way.

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The only secure base is a ceiling base INSIDE a cave, with fighers, archers, etc … below and inside the base.

  • no gods
  • no bombs
  • no treb
    Only explosives arrows and you have to kill all the thralls and try to climb after.

This is a pain to raid :slight_smile:

3 samples : F8/D9/G10

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