New Anti-Stacking Fence Foundation Limits in TestLive 2.8

I will continue editing this as I or others, find more info.

TestLive is pretty crashy - I can tell ya that much…

So far, exclusively for Sandstone (or all T1 parts?) it looks like:

  • you can still place fence foundations internally between existing block foundations.
  • you can still stack them vertically (instead of actual walls).
  • you can only use them on top of block or wedge foundations if you use the 1/8 drop on the sides (at ground level) first.
  • you can use them on all 4 (or 3) sides of block (or wedge) foundations.
  • you can not use them on the second story (row) of block foundations without one at ground level too.
  • removing the bottom one on a wall of fence foundation covered blocks will remove all of the fence foundations above it - as if it were a free standing wall of fence foundations.

The above testing was with Sandstone Fence Foundations.

  • Stormglass Fence Foundations can no longer be stacked in wall like formations at all. You get one at ground level only - in typical fashion. This s BAD! (bug?). And this seems to be the case with all T3 fence foundations. See the list from @The7thCrest (below) for a complete breakdown.

  • Interestingly, if you stagger them, you can build higher than ground level. (seems broken)

    • Here’s a video of that… (I tried a new freebee video editor just for kicks and the crop didn’t work as I intended - but hey, whatever…)
  • @The7thCrest added this bit of testing to flesh out and detail what was mentioned above: "I tested all of the fence foundies in single player and came up with this list:

    Stormglass: Works
    Sandstone: Works
    Khitan: Works
    Reinforced Stone: Works
    Turanian: Works
    Stonebrick: Works
    Argossean: Busted
    Yamatai: Busted
    Black Ice: Busted
    Black Ice: Busted
    Aquilonian: Busted
    Frontier: Busted
    Flotsam: Busted

    I find that these findings are roughly consistent on Official PvP servers although the system is a bit more janky in multiplayer."

    So thanks once again @The7thCrest, very appreciated!

  • For those wondering exactly how close you can now place fence foundations one from another, I was able to achieve this (but it looks like that’s all they’re giving us - and of course this may change as they continue to revise 2.8 prior to it’s “official” release):


  • @The7thCrest has demonstrated how fence foundations can be staggered but always at a minimum offset “W” as shown in the image - which others have said is 80% of one 256cm foundation block dimension. He correctly points out: “you cannot extend the offset foundations to make a complete line” so the result is basically parallel dotted (dashed) lines every 204.8cm (W) from each other.

    You can read about his discoveries and concerns with much more detail in his post in the TestLive Discussion area.

  • @arthurh3535 used the TestLive server and points out an intermittent issue where is it sometimes possible to place fence foundations quite close together using freehand placement techniques. This is perhaps closer than the anti-stacking system intends?

Ceiling Tiles

  • Ceiling tile stacking also doesn’t seem to work. Although you can likely use pillars at arbitrary heights to get them a little closer than a full block from each other.

  • Tiling foundation blocks with ceiling tiles still seems to work OK (in this revision of 2.8). This is a good thing!

That’s all I got so far… I didn’t know how multi-fence foundation stacking worked previously (except from videos) so I used this video as a reference and none of those methods now work in 2.8 for me. In 2.7 however, I could achieve those exploits without any trouble. So, fixed… broken, but fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone would like to understand why people used these stacking methods in the first place (before they were disallowed) this YouTube video explains it fairly well. Although please remember that this is no longer allowed and using the techniques presented in that video now in your current game, will very likely result in your base being demolished and you being banned from access to public “official” servers.

As for HP:

  • Sandstone foundation blocks are still 10K
  • Sandstone fence foundations are still 9K
  • Aquilonian (T3?) block foundations are still 100K
  • Stormglass (T3?) fence foundations are still 90K
  • etc.

The stormglass foundation lowering has got to be an error since all T3 should be the same. can you put that in the test live thread so they see it?



Great idea keep this megathread in making going guys. I love informational listing posts.


I thought they meant stacking as in having many, many rows of fence foundations about 1/10th of the foundation apart at ground level?

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Yes, that’s what it means. Here’s an example:


That’s what I thought. And that’s 100Ks of hit points to blow through in PVP.

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Which apparently is still nothing considering how easy explosive jars are to get. I assume most alpha clans will be going pure nomad at this point.


Yes… That’s what I’m attempting to test. However, along the way there are also some strange anomalies and I’m documenting those as well.

Pretty much, in trying to “fix” things, they’ve broken it. Not completely because there is still some functionality. But enough that different tiers now behave differently and some previous “normal” behaviors can’t be achieved at all.

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You didn’t mention trying to place fence foundations without a block as close together at all.

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Possible but then the game looses meaning for them. They make one mistake and loose their loot on their body…they would leave if they just skip the building aspect of the game…could be wrong as I dealt with a nomad raider last year before.

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Oh, I thought I did… :smiley: Well, you can’t. So there’s nothing to show or say about that. Trying to set them close without blocks has never been a thing - as far as I’m aware. Always you’re using the geometry of foundation blocks and wedges to fool the snapping system into allowing you to place them very closely. I used this video as a reference because I didn’t know how to do it either. :smiley:

All these methods work fine in 2.7 and none of them work in the new 2.8

If there are other methods let me know and I’ll give them a try in both 2.7 and 2.8

Here7s another - maybe easier to understand:

Hmm can’t wait for stuff to break in upcoming patches


Yeah. I suppose if your style of play is to stack a bajillion fence foundations switching to no base at all might be a bit much.


So the question is how close can you get to a pararrel fence foundation? It’s done in fifths (five fence foundations can fit in one foundational width. So we can say 1 fifth is out. Are 2-4 also out leaving just one foudantion width as the distance of two fence foundations?


yeah the reason for the extreme builds is because of hoarding stuff. Nomad, by it’s nature, is not about the stuff but centers on being a force of chaos on the server. I love playing with nomads on an active server because they become the “baddie” and its just fun to hunt them down.

I remember we had one and the clans all got together and two of the clans refused to accept they were nomads. It was the only conclusion I could come up with and so started scouting flat ~3X3 zones where they could set shop to produce items…came close one time…ran into a vault that was 167 and change on the decay meter but the clear that out.

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It looks like one foundation block is as close as you can get - in parallel, yeah.

I haven’t tried ceiling stacking yet though.

I didn’t catch that these were the different ways to get Fence Foundations as close together, so when you were talking blocks and such I got very, very confused.

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Oh, LOL… sorry about that! Is it understandable to you now though? If not, just ask and I can try as I might to clarify whatever it might be…

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Good to see this . Warms my heart to see this. <3