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Patchnotes: Testlive Update 2.8 (06.01.2022) - Follower Emotes, Server Queues and more!

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Dude! SWEET!

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‘Ghost item will be added for the nemedian gateframe after being placed’

Should be nice to see the ghost item come back for explosive jars.
Like how it always did be. There is no point of opening your inventory everytime to make a explosive jar.
Bring it back to the wheel, like how it always did be.


@Ignasi ‘‘Along with it, we have worked on a bevy of new emotes you can learn by interacting with new locations on both game maps. Groovy!’’

One question - can u add also actual locations??? i mean i remember time when u guys added camps on siptah, my first home was destroyed because now there is BIG camp of stygians … so with these emotes, i would like to know locations, because i kinda dont want to block them out of any case… and that my home is teared again…


Seems like a solid patch overall, good stuff FC.
I have a concern as to how thrall animations will impact server performance if a clan has 200 thralls and decides to have all of them animating. I know all thralls are in an idle animation by default so does that animation have the same impact as,say, the juggle emote or dance emotes?

Also, please try to fix the climbing/ vaulting over issue. Climbing over a simple foundation in some circumstances still has an issue which causes the player to infact not jump up/vault up onto the foundation ( really any build piece) and instead rubberband back and forth. The player must continuously hold climb button amd forward until this glitch finally allows the player to land uptop. However this can cause a headache when trying to be more precise when climbing onto a narrower object. This issue started 2-3 patches ago when a "improved climbing " feature was listed in the patch notes.
I would love to see this addressed as you guys are starting to really nail down some of the smaller issues with the game. Good stuff so far.


Good question. But my guess is the emotes were added to already existing no build camps…

Good stuff coming. I approve. However this line made me double take.

“Rhinos should no longer moonwalk out of combat, probably making this the most sad and disappointing patchnote line since the potion of endowment nerf.”

Potion of Endowment got nerfed? When did this happen? and what changed?

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@Ignasi please look at this! [GUIDE][UPDATED] Improved Conan Exiles graphics (new effects and techs) for 2.7+ version
Maybe dev team will update CE antialiasing to something like this? Its a pair of clicks

The patchnote line back then was, and I quote literally:

“Fixed an issue where the Potion of Endowment buff effect wouldn’t get removed after timing out, leading to potentially world-destroying amounts of dong”.


Ah! Indeed. That nerf needed to happen, otherwise the Exiled Lands would collapse into itself from the the sheer weight of dong.


@Ignasi with the thrall emotes does that mean pets as well? ie a lay down or sit emote for a wolf siting in front of a fire on guard?

Most of the player emotes only apply to humanoid NPCs/followers.
However, many of the new emotes are for pets :eyes:

Edit: reworded a bit to avoid some confusion


Very great patch, Funcom! Looking forward to using thrall emotes, so glad you’re taking player feedback for adding new features as well as bug fixes! Thanks so much :smiley:

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Sarcasm on :slight_smile:
That is great! I can put my thrall in my mounds base during rain and watch him wave a stuttering goodbye to the chests, disappearing on the shelves, before the whole base goes poof because I removed a foundation next to it?
Or those things going to get addressed in a hotfix?

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You could just stop stacking them as I don’t believe there was an intent to stack chests on shelves, it was just something we found we could do.


First, it’s not only chests, but a lot of placeables.
Second, so the shelves are to be put up without putting anything on them?
Third, it is not the first time this bug appears and it was fixed before, so if it wasn’t intended, why did they fix it already 3 times before when it happened?

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I haven’t heard of decorative items being lost. Just chests and the contents within. But regardless not part of this thread.

BTW to bring this back to 2.8 discussion I’m a console player but heard that Stormglass foundation was nerfed to 90K. 1) is that accurate? and 2) intentional? If accurate, i don’t believe this was intentional and i love the stormglass.

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this is a 2.8 discussion , with the question, why none of these issues are making it into the bug fixes.
And if you haven’t heard about it, it’s not true?
I herad that if you put empty chests on stormglass foundations, the value goes up again. Then again, that might be a hoax :smiley:

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I can’t answer for Funcom but sometimes a desired fix takes longer than you want or has a lesser priority to the company than you wish it to have. Maybe there are things that need to be implemented first for 3.0 to come in (that may fix your problem) and so focusing on prepping for 3.0 is more important than a hotfix on decorative items. I can say that shelves have been off and on is stability for at least since 2020. Lost lots of stuff due to that and the 0 stability snag that happened early that year. I was just about ready to start stacking chest again when the reports started coming in about lost stability so I lost some empties that I was using in a validation of sorts. It’s not a game breaker, IMHO so I chaulk it up to the flying gazelle at Sinner’s refuge…odd, annoying but isn’t limiting my play or enjoyment of the game.

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