Why the new anti-fence stacking feature in 2.8

Greetings Everyone,

We really appreciate all the feedback and conversations that have been going on regarding the new anti-fence stacking feature introduced in the 2.8 Testlive version.

Here is a bit of additional information on why we decided to add this feature in game and we hope it will answer some of the concerns you’ve raised.

Why walls instead of doors?
By adding the pickup feature, we realize we made this strategy easier but it’s important to note that this has always been an option.
By removing the pickup cost, it’s a more accessible option, but buildings still have to be built with stability in mind in places where you want to execute the wall swap.
At the moment we don’t have any plans to change this, but please feel free to keep the feedback coming our way as this keep the conversation going and we are always working on additional solution or balance changes for the game.

Why anti-fence foundation stacking?
Fence foundation stacking was primarily changed due to server and client performance.
When a lot of building pieces are stacked in the same location it can cause clients to crash, and servers fail to load buildings correctly.
One of the primary reasons we made this change is to reduce those crashes and failures to load buildings. This strategy was an exploitation of a bug that we unfortunately did not get to fix properly before it became the expected way to play the game for a lot of veteran and high end players.
With this change, we know that the pace of PVP raids will change but making the changes will allow us to monitor the situation and player expectation.
We can also make future changes to either building health, siege damage from all sources, or both based on the feedback we get.

If you would like to keep an eye on the ongoing conversation about the anti-fence staking feature, you can check out this thread: New Anti-Stacking Fence Foundation Limits in TestLive 2.8

Thank you again for always providing us with valuable feedback and for helping us improve the world of Conan Exiles.