Question regarding rules on official servers. Xbox one

I know that stacking fence foundry’s, walls, fences etc is bannable but my question is that is it bannable for stacking ceilings?

Short answer: Very likely, yes, bannable.

Long answer: Depends on a number of factors including on whether or not you get reported. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, because your not using the mechanics in the way they thought it would work… Rules does not state stacking but it does state to use building mechanics on how it was intended so anything that is creative should be thrown out the window. Lol

I’ll send you a snippet of a post I got from Mayra, one of the moderators, regarding my Fence-Stacking “workaround” thread:

Please understand that any form of stacking of building pieces, placeables, and even having a huge amount of pets and thralls on the same area, affects the official server’s performance negatively.

Appreciate the feedback but I was hoping an admin could give me an official ruling. The building mechanics do allow you to raise foundations. They also allow you to embed pillars into the landscape and permastructures. They also allow for the bottom side of pillars to be “sticky” to where you can “hang” other pieces from them and they also allow for ceiling pieces to be placed through the central portion of pillars. All that being said I can’t honestly conclude that they did not intend for this type of building.

So could an admin please weigh in here with some kind of “official” answer. Because I would not want to get banned for some misinterpretation of the rules for official servers.

But thank you Outcast. I do appreciate that you took the time reply :call_me_hand:

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The text @Rekt quoted is from an admin and is an official ruling. :wink:

That’s not what you asked about. Those two things are fine if you don’t manipulate them in order to “stack” anything - or use those techniques in order to place spam blocks.

You asked about ceiling stacking. The answer from an official admin is: It’s against the rules.

What you have listed here is perfectly fine as long as you’re not using those mechanisms to “stack” or spam. So for example if you add stairs to a ceiling or foundation in order to offset a pillar you’re fine. If you do it in order to add 4 pillars per tile and repeat that over any length you’re breaking the rules. This doesn’t need further clarification.

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