Does anyone know what is classified as stacking .( building on official and dont want the ban)

My walls are made out of walls , ceilings ,pillars and intersections . Is it considered banneable for stacking , also does having war piramdys inside of sed wall count as spam?

It’s called honeycomb and you “should “ be fine. Not sure on their stance in pyramids are tbh. Could be seen as a building without purpose to people that know nothing about pvp(devs)

Yeah ive been banned twice so trying to play it safe , i have a base in one of the jungle towers , with two vaults and 3 pyramids below surrounded by a wall

The wall may get you in trouble on paper but at this point I don’t think anything is safe from a determined reporter

This can’t possibly be a rule. There are builds all over my server that can best be described as stacks of foundations.

Nope, it’s a complete waste of time reporting TOS violations. If it’s not a TOS violation to block a world boss spawn, what is?

Yeah sadly the rules on building are still vague

Doesn’t matter what you build, where, or how. You aren’t safe from being reported and banned.

TOS are vague enough that just about any functional base can be considered a violation.

Good luck.


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