XBOX - 33 Update - Walls will not cover foundations blocks

I built a foundation block “wall” (sandstone) but when I tried to add Sandstone Walls as an added layer of protection, the wall sections will not lock onto the foundation blocks. - Server 1401

This MAY be “working as intended”, but I’m not 100% certain. The ability to do this has been an “on again/off again” thing for the past year.

My guess is that wall will not snap to a foundation block side, because it won’t have the stability. I think, if you are building from the ground level you have to place fence foundation at the very bottom. I’ll try this on PC myself and see if it’s true.

I built a 9 x 8 foundation block “wall” stacked 3 high. There are ceiling tile enclosing the rectangular building. I placed foundation block pieces as a “floor” on the ground. The doorway piece snaps into the opening on the interior and exterior. The exterior does not have a foundation block floor. When trying to snap the pieces inside of the building directly to the foundation block wall, they will not lock into place. I do not see how the doorway can have stability, but the wall pieces will not have it. MHO

Have you tried my solution?

I will have to try it after the server reboots, although I do not understand why I can place wall sections on any other part of my foundation block floor except for where there is a foundation block “wall”. Seems silly that I have to build a fence foundation inside a building to line the walls. I will let you know how I make out. Now I am having issues in another server simply replacing a missing foundation block that was destroyed.

Tier 3 foundations had this bug for me before update 33, but now if every tier got infected that is just great!

It makes no sense to me. Sandstone Foundation Block is a foundation just like the Sandstone Fence Foundation. It should be able to place on either. So much for making a building that is foundation block faced with a Wall on each side at this point.

From what I have seen in the Discord channels I am in, this is as intended.

If it is as intended that’s ok. But I have to agree that adding walls to the outside of a foundation made things look better.

it’s something they may put back in

I noticed this change as well. If you want to have a better looking wall, put fence foundations on the base foundation sides. Works the same way wall pieces used to be able to be used and give a better aesthetic appearance.
(this will also give a stronger wall in PvP)