Walls, fence foundations, and building foundations

I know it is possible to do it, but it currently requires a lot of seemingly unnecessary do’s and don’ts to achieve.
I would like to suggest that walls and fence foundations more easily be attached to the SIDES of foundation blocks.
As mentioned, I know its possible to have them line up that way, but it seems they cannot currently be attached in that manner.
for example -

  • walls have to be placed first, then foundations placed within them.
  • fence foundations can be built on top of/against foundations, but only starting from the terrain. Cannot be attached in the middle of a building.

To be able to attach walls to foundations, one must break down the foundations, place the walls, then replace the foundations. this is a waist of material (unless you have the mod to put building pieces back into inventory) and risks losing structure if anything has been built above it.
Simply being able to add them onto the sides without the runaround to do it would be nice.

Along the same lines, would like to request that ceilings be able to be attached to the tops of foundation blocks as well. This will remove the little bump difference that exists between the tops of foundations and the tops of ceilings, and give floors a more uniform appearance, if both are used in the same area.


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