Building doors in foundation walls

Any tips on putting doors in foundation walls? Can you keep foundations above the door? I seem to remember at some point I’ve built a foundation on a ceiling tile, but have tried that and it won’t let it snap. Have tried support pillars to help, but I’m not sure what the bugs are with those (seen them mentioned a lot).

Any tips?

And posting here as I’m still unable to post in GenDis.

Build the foundations first leaving the gap for your door. Snap a ceiling piece in-between the two foundations. Continue building your wall. If you cant get the ceiling piece to snap switch to a different building piece then switch back. It would let you snap it properly after that. You can place foundation on top of the ceiling piece and add the second layer no problem. My current walls are several foundations thick with multiple doors through. You can also snap fence foundations in-between your walls for more hp if your doing multi layered walls.

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So the door frame is the last thing to go in?

You can put both door frames in and then a ceiling piece it works both ways.

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Success. Thanks. Ended up removing everything in a block radius, but when placed again all good. Not sure what but something must have been blocking it.