Gaps in between doorway/foundations

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: misc
Region: east us

Whenever a doorway, or gateway is placed next to a foundation there is a sizable gap that can be clearly seen through to the other side. It’s also possible to Interact with objects through these gaps. If someone doesnt want to use just walls for whatever they are building they’re left with this gap that is not only a terrible eye sore but is also a player disadvantage.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

yes people can steal your stuff on PVP through these cracks

Doorways are not ment to go inbetween foundation blocks because you know there foundation blocks…
Doorways connect to walls not flooring

You can actually slap fence foundations onto the sides of the foundations that you have doorframes attached to to fill those gaps. Idk if that is intended, nevertheless it’s a neat workaround.
Or you can place a wall then “slap” a foundation onto it. Used to be that you could do it vise versa but that is how it works right now.

I’m aware, but when I make a wall to guard my base I’m going to foundation stack, not line with walls because they’re thicker :slight_smile:

I’ve tried that but I can only get the fence foundations to stick to the pieces that are touching the landscape. The only thing I can get to stick anymore is fences. I used to stick walls then foundation but in the big update they’re doing away with that so I tore the walls down to get mats instead of them crumbling off when that update comes

to use fence foundations place one foundation block place on the block and then you can extend out and up from one block then when you whant to turn them add one more block place on the block and carry on these are just as strong as foundation blocks.
But if you are playing on a server where outhers can damage your place sandstone is useless 3 tar orbs and someone is in your place.
I have made entire villages out of just fence foundations

You still can do the other thing i’ve mentioned.
Remove that foundation that has a door frame attached to it. Place a Wall on its place. Then slap a foundation on the same spot where the wall is, so it goes double-layer (wall+foundation) and you will have no gaps.

That’s what we did before, but in the big update that’s coming out they’re doing away with the wall+foundation stack. So we went ahead and tore the wall part down to get mats

We’ve got black ice stuff luckily. We’re built on a little outcropping in the highlands so it’s kind of annoying to get everything to work in the first place haha