Building improvements and more

Here a list of elements that would make building more easier

  • Orientation point on foundations and ceilling pieces (only visible when the piece is still ‘‘in hand’’)
    it would allow perfect orientation of floors patterns of both regular and wedge and pillars on wedges

  • Diagonal support beam alignement with the strait side of wedges (the one that connect to wall or foundation)
    its only work with pillars at the moment, making wedges only sections or building incompatible with them

  • Allow upgrading gates to higher tier even when something is '‘attached to it’'
    right now, if anything is ‘‘attached to it’’ (wall, ceilling, roof, etc.) it does not want to be upgaded and need to be cleared or destroy to be remplaced

Bonus section

  • Ice fishing net/lines
    would allow to get fishes from the Eyelet lake or from the frozen side of the Ruins of Xullan. They could be less effective or give a unique type of fish

I like this, even the option to flip some pieces would be nice as well since the patterns below on the frontier ceiling pieces are pretty nice.

Maybe the ice fishing bits could catch fish that give double oil or something kind of like whales.

  • 2 faced wall (interior+interior or exterior+exterior)
    it would allow to make hallway, rooms and others look like actual interior only section or exterior depending on the wall chosen

I 100% support the need for this. Your first two points are very important to me and the #1 is that orientation point. Some building pieces, like black ice ceilings, show clear orientation, before placing, but others like Yamatai and Frontier, have no indication how the orientation is going to end up when placing. If it weren’t for mods that let you recover building pieces, I would be so upset with building in this game. As it is now, it is still a big frustration, but at least I can recover and try again.

Seriously, who at Funcom decided it was ok to have pieces with asymmetrical patterns go in randomly? UGH!

I was just coming here to post for this and saw yours, so thank you!

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For goodness sake make correct collision box for stairs with rail! Rail is for preventing people from falling from stairs, isn’t it? So I put stairs from the new japan DLC - and pass through this high and solid railing without noticing any restraint. It’s immersion-breaking nonsense!


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