Interface improvement for construction - Arrow on interface

I noticed how dificult it is to place ceilings, foundations and some other pieces that have 4 different possible orientations in the world.
That’s because they allways get oriented diferent from the way you want and its hard to allign them all.

I suggest some improvement in the building interface to make things easy.

It’s very simple: Just add an arrow on the building interface, similar to the text “Outer face” on walls; but just an arrow on ceilings, foundations, and some otther building parts that have 4 different orientations on the world. The arrow will have 4 possible different orientations. That will make building things easy.

I’m not requesting new pieces for construction, just a little touch to make things a little easy.

Thanks for the support!


God yes! On certain wedges and ceiling tiles (Frontier and Reinforced Stone) I often need a stack of 10 just to get 2 or 3 to align properly. Given the resources and TIME involved in making T3 pieces, this is absolutely infuriating!

So yes, please add an arrow when we’re placing such pieces!


Im with this one none of my stoves are placed just right my thralls are in a wall or in one case my thrall is outside of the building. Tough to place a piece for the first time not knowing what way it faces or just how big a footprint it actually has. Same case with the alters, they should nor allow placement unless the tier 3 alter will fit on that spot, such a pain to get back up to top level alter specially Ymir


Yes indeed. Always getting the ceilings wrong. And the stoves!

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