Building and Placement Suggestions

So I’ve got about 170 hours into the game and I have to say I love the crafting portion of it. I mainly have done this the entire time. I am proud to have one of the largest, if not the largest, T3 complex on our server. I do have some suggestions that would greatly help us builders out.

First and foremost, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include an option to let us put down a mockup before committing to finalize the placement of crafting stations and other placeable items. Items like the vault are so big that it is hard to see the other side of where it is at so that it doesnt overlap with anything. I have an elevator partially in a vault because I couldnt see it and the vault was placed. Another vault is placed into the floor a bit so when a body phases through the foundations and they have to be torn up to get to it, I cannot place the foundations back.

It would be simple to implement:

  • Place item and then some scaffolding shows up to show you and other people the boundary.
  • If need to move, then hold interact and select the move option. Kind of like what you have for thralls
  • When ready to commit, hold interact and then select place

Next item is to be able to place wall foundations at 30 or 45 degrees. The current option of only being attached straight or as a “T” is very limited. This makes it so that you have to have gaps in your wall to be able to do an irregular shape. I built a wall around our complex and I cant tell you how many holes that I’ve tried to fill. Its actually better to build with normal foundations as at least there are the wedge pieces to make turns.

Finally, Please allow us to place crenelations on sloped wall pieces. Currently its a gap in the defense that people can glitch their way through.


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A simpler solution suggested elsewhere was to give a ‘forgiveness period’ on placeables, allowing you to pick them up for about 1 minute after placement so long as they haven’t been damaged.

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That’s a good idea. I had in my notes to be able to move them but I was trying to keep the in-game immersion by suggesting the process the way I did. :slight_smile: