Tile directional facing

prolly already suggested, but what way are my ceilings and floors gonna land in the tile pattern?! ooooh it drives me crazy tearing them up to make them face right lol. id bet its infuriating for the artist who drew em too. the yellow/pink outline is good for walls but i cant see my floors on most sets and if i can, theres still a chance they will be backwards. itd be nice if they were always faced relative to our position or if theres a arrow pointing what way they are faced.


Can’t recall how many times I’ve suggested this exact same thing, but YES! I’ve actually started using Turanian floors/ceilings for almost everything expressly because it’s so infuriating trying to get Frontier and Yamatai (in particular) to orient properly!

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Just out the arrows on them like on some of the benches, the stove and cauldron have arrows so you know not to fast it into a wall so your thrall is floating in mid air outside your base… while it’s comically entertainment, it’s not practical. It wouldn’t be that difficult to code forward facing arrows onto each ceiling and foundation piece, would it?


i can usually finagle them to be correct in single player while flying, ive noticed its relative to the way they connect, but its a crapshoot XD

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