Stable Ceiling Tile

Hi, I have a problem, when trying to place a Stable ceiling tile, I have no clue wich Direction it’s going to face, so I’m wasting precious materials guessing each placement. It’s a 50/50 chance it’ll be the Direction I want.
Please can you fix this. Thanks


There is a mod that gives you a little arrow which shows the direction the item you are placing is facing, be it a ceiling tile, wall, foundation, bench or whatnot. I wish the base game would implement something like that as well because I HATE it when my wood floors are all over the place and not lined up nicely. Little things like that go a long way.


Same here, I like everything to be well aligned. With some pieces you can see it easy, like stonebrick ceilings you can see the planks underneath so you know which way everything is going. But others, not so much. I don’t see why the piece has to glow before being placed if it’s meant to see through the piece when…it’s still difficult to see through it. I would welcome the addition of arrows.


I’m on official oduda, so can’t add mods :frowning:

Yeah which is why I am saying I would like Funcom to add something like that to the base game. You shouldn’t need a mod to be able to know what direction you are placing an object.

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