so I spend some money on that new DLC - and it is quite nice… but it has one major flaw that makes it unattractive for any sophisticated builder… you can not see the direction of the wooden planks before you place foundations or ceilings… If I am building i like to align things like that for aesthetic reasons but with the new parts this is impossible and they place at a random… I would lie to see that fixed - something dimple like a line indicating the directions of the planks/boards…


I second this notion, because I am OCD like that…

Yeah not the first time this was requested. Personally I’d like ALL preview pieces to have some sort of directional indicator, like the gizmo in a 3D software:


(it need not be THAT technical, but you get the gist)

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Or make it simpler, 2 sides r enough

Wouldn’t help if you can’t tell those two apart (as is the case for the Pict DLC).

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