Better indicator for outside face of walls

Ran into this earlier while upgrading some walls from sandstone to Yamatai. You can’t see the text indicating which side is the outside face and it’s pretty much impossible to tell from the little bit of highlight that you can see. The result is that the walls ended up with a randomized pattern of some of them being inside out even though the sandstone version was all framed the right way. It’s something that would be expensive and difficult to correct without destroying half my building to do it.

So I was thinking maybe we could do something like wooden boxes have where there’s a little arrow sticking out that shows which side is the front.


Mmmm I second this, I wonder if there’d be a way for the piece that one is trying to replace to temporarily disappear visually while you’re attempting to replace it to show the way that the new piece is showing placement? So it’d look empty as if you hadn’t placed something there until you either place a piece, or move the placement marker off of said piece… If that makes any sense.

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Yes, “ghost mode” for building pieces is not enough informative (for example you just can’t put some foundations and ceilings with “oriented” texture correctly because texture is not visible in “ghost mode”), and things become even worse when it comes to upgrading buildings. Something should be done with it.

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Oh yes please … when Tascha was gathering our feedback on what aspects of building we’d like improved this was one of them. In addition to being to see more clearly which direction is “inner” and “outer” on walls …being able to know what orientation the foundation and ceiling tiles (wedge and square) will face when placed would be so helpful … no only so the beams from underneath make a nice patten but also so those which have non-symmetrical pattern on top can be aligned … usually an issue of upgrading to insulated wood.


Same issue here. Upgrading from Insulated Wood to Yama. It is pretty hard to tell. I have to look for the little nobby things to get the right placement. Kind of challenging.

And a lot of resources


I had to look very closely at the Yamatai walls to verify when I upgraded. It was difficult, but doable. I think an arrow similar to the one on the large chests would be best. I hate having to tear down a wall section that results in the one above having to be replaced on occasion.


a definite yes here +1


This has been brought up many times, I agree I think an Arrow would be fantastic. It does’nt seem like it would be to hard to implement, I would love to hear from one of funcom and see if this is in the works in any way.


I still cant understand why they dont have a default snap to match the existing orientation. You could then rotate it if you dont want it that way. Or some logic that says “the walls on either side and above are facing that way so i should too”.

I dont think it would be that hard to program.


It is almost as if they want to make it hard on purpose. If not, they would have fixed this for walls, floors and ceilings long ago.


Insulated timber foundations and ceilings drive me nuts… They are determined to align themselves in a parquetry design instead of the logical straight lines that most people want from a timber floor.


I can’t for the life of me figure out why an x,y,z “arrow” gizmo has not just been added to ALL placeables at this point.

like this but stylized a bit to match the art style of CE:


Maybe they could add animated thralls smacking away with a hammer on the outside face of the wall.


definitely need this for foundations and ceiling tiles too… something like that xyz indicator. Cannot tell you how many foundations/ceiling tiles of insulated wood and Yamatai because the lines went every which way. And I’d say my OCD is mild…


Really need this for ceiling tiles as well. I’m in the middle of trying to add a floor to one of my bases and it requires almost 90 Frontier Ceiling tiles to complete. I would be halfway done at this point if not for the fact that I’ve had only a roughly 45% success rate in getting them to align properly (out of 45, only 20 have aligned correctly).

It’s extremely frustrating when your choice is to either waste expensive materials, or have floors that look like they were built by someone who just didn’t care how their base looked. :frowning:


Yeah, me too :raising_hand_man:

Agreed with the points above and I’d like to add that some kind of better indicator is needed for all pieces, even crafting stations… specially for the ones that have a thrall attached, you need to know where the thrall spot is, and how much space is needed for it not to clip.

This is the only reason I consider the mod Pickup+ a must have, just because you can’t place stuff with 100% reliability and sometimes require 3 or more attempts before getting it perfectly placed!

Any improvements would be welcome!


I do think they have something like that, it just gets confused when you have it snapping to more than one slot.

Like for example, ceilings… if you’re attaching ceilings in a single stripe, they normally align perfectly with the ones already there, it just gets it wrong as soon as you hit other ceilings, or the walls… the “alignment” selector seems to prioritize walls for some reason over adjacent ceilings.

Also, alignment seems to be sensitive to mouse movement for some reason… as in, if you move you character/cursor around, the orientation of the piece you’re placing changes… IMHO that shouldn’t be a feature, you can already change the orientation with wheel scroll, if needed… no need for the game to be second guessing itself :wink:

And what I mean is that, if the game chose the correct orientation at first, it sometimes happens that it gets changed when you move a bit, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Some good news. The crafting stations, or at least the more problematic ones, are mentioned in the testlive patch notes.

“Fermentation barrel, Bonfire, Stove, Campfires and Firebowl Cauldrons now have directional arrows to better indicate where thralls will be located when placed”

Personally I didn’t even know fermentation barrels and bonfires could have thralls assigned to them. But I haven’t really used them all that much yet.

It’s a step in the right direction, but those walls and floors could really use a similar indicator.



Any chance we could get this one put in Trello? Even if it isn’t a huge priority for game stability, it is a must for long term QoL for all of us builders that might be stuck playing on official servers, where you don’t have an option for “pickup” mods.

For anyone that plays solo, get something like Pickup+ and you won’t regret it.

Here is a thought: Rather than doing a yellow light ghost image during placement, why not do it like a crafting station or any other placeable? Just use the existing solid art for it and possible make is slightly translucent, so you can tell the difference between an existing piece and the new one you are placing? You would not need any “outside wall” writing at that point.


Hey there, @sirvink

We only use our Trello board to keep track of issues, but we can try to bring this suggestion up to our devs and see what’s what :slight_smile: