Directional arrows for stable foundations

I am sure that this has been mentioned before, but there really needs to be a way to know which way the boards are going to face before placement. The materials are rather costly for stable materials. I think we deserve clear indicators for purposeful placement. The seemingly random placement approach is frustrating. Please help.


actually its good suggestion but not only for stable… its even then when u “Upgrade” T1,T2 home to T3 u can’t see that " Outer Face" marking because its in textures… basic what we need in this suggestion is either

  1. Arrows that points outside of buildings ( all buildings)
  2. or some 10 sec pick up marker that allow us to pick wrong placed foundation on ( its like excuse me i stopped to upgrade home from T1 just because for one wall i lost 30 T3 materials when i needed to destroy it because server decide to swap them and u cant see markers )
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