Building Face Orientation

I apologize if this has been posted recently or before. Title says it all. I’ve owned this game for quite a while now on the steam servers and would just like a marker while the piece is in hand that shows where the outer face is facing. An arrow similar to chests. Just a quality of life buff for those of us who play in sandbox mode that prefer building nice things :slight_smile:



I build using sandstone then replace the pieces with the style I want but you cant see which way is in or out, and if you remove the piece wall/ foundation a good part of your structure will collapse.


i just went through this upgrading my build lol.
i did notice one side is white and the other orange, not sure if its a mod we are using on the server or not , but it is still hard to tell.
i wonder instead of arrows, and instead of it being kinda clear or see through when building, if it would help if the pieces were solid? so you could easily see what way the wall was facing , and how it would look BEFORE you place it?
just a thought.


I could agree with that on most pieces, but the pillars for instance where each side looks almost exactly the same I would like an arrow telling me technically which wall is out it would really help with wedge foundation tiles when making very large round structures, or if you’re using a pillar as a base for something like a giant stair I made around a cliff side to get to one of my temples way at the top of it :slight_smile: Walls generally one side is white / orange to help distinguish but other things are so much less clear, and worse when you start using dlc. I also think to help distinguish for the dlc that’s supposed to protect against cold buildingwise that they should change to recipe to match black ice reinforced walls etc but that’s a whole different topic, I just like less confusion.


Another issue with pillars in particular is that if they are placed on wedges, they will not line up with their faces on the same plane unless the pattern on the wedges is misaligned from that of the floor. (Sandstone and Turanian illustrate this quite well.)

IMO, the best solution would be to include an arrow on each piece similar to what Multigun has done in the Less Building Placement Restrictions mod. It’s a very basic feature, but one that would make one of the key mechanics of the game much less frustrating. Nothing gets my ire up more than wasting T3 materials having to place a wedge 20 times in the same spot until it finally lines up correctly – especially since there should be only 3 possible ways in which a wedge should snap to begin with!


The only other thing I’d like to see added with this maybe is while you’re placing a building piece with the arrows on it is that you can see the direction the other pieces near you faced as well. I understand something like this is potentially difficult to implement but still seems like something a lot of people would want.

I am kind of curious if a dev could chime in on this just if it’s difficult to do as well as allowing for us to see the way a piece directly below things that we’re stacking also face just so we know what way they’re facing. ie: your arrow on one piece is facing one way and now you’re putting a wall on it so the arrow on the piece below the wall also shows the front face just so you know you’re lining them up the way you want :slight_smile:

Costly workaround (with sometimes strange side-effects for roof pieces - they can lose stability): Use a doorframe. Then replace again with wanted wall.


build at night so you can see outlne better

also one side is orange other is white

I had never noticed this, thanks!

The pillars though have no such thing, as well as wedge shaped things. There is a good mod that gives the arrow but it’d still be nice to have as an in game feature and like I said earlier be able to see the direction of the piece directly below what you’re placing so you know that they’re also facing the same way so you’re not wanting to smash your head against the keyboard in frustration when building something big because one piece decides “Oh hi, I’m just going to face this way instead”

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Yes, but when you want to replace it, it’s hard to see and it’s not always dark. So the suggestion that you see a little arrow facing the outerside is not really a bad idea!


yeah sorry didn’t mean to say it’s not good idea

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