Can't see foundation direction until after placing - any suggestions?

Some types of structures have wooden boards or other similar lines that go through them once placed that aren’t very visible while placing (or in some cases aren’t visible at all).

Does anyone have suggestions on how to place these so they align properly?

A good example is the new Frontier square foundations, or I think insulated wood does the same thing.

If I place 10 in a line, it feels like they will randomly point one direction or another. I’ve maxed out gamma, and dropped it as far as it can go, and there is ZERO difference in the visible indicator while searching. You can spin your mouse wheel and see nothing change.

Any ideas?

Example below


I agree, and it’s not limited to foundations (though they are indeed some of the more obvious ones).

Lots of items could benefit from the “temporary extra bits” overlay like chests have, that show which way they’ll open once placed.

It’s not a big deal for items that you can pick back up, but as we all know that’s mainly decoration items - and certainly no building items.

Good idea, tried it but sadly didn’t help :frowning: Here’s what it looks like on ultra. Rotating the piece has ZERO visual difference as it rotates around. Pretty lame on Funcom’s part.

Nope, that’s the other bad part. All sides are 100% identical so you can side there and rotate the piece and there’s zero visible difference. Like the piece doesn’t even blink as you rotate it. :frowning: Oh well, for now my huge floor is laid out in a mix of foundations facing different directions and it doesn’t look too bad. If they ever change this I’ll tear it up so they all face the same direction I guess.

Foundations and ceiling pieces all have this problem in this set. Either Funcom is trolling the heck out of us with this, or it’s a highly embarrassing oversight on their part. I’ve discontinued playing until this is addressed and fixed. The components are too expensive to waste on constantly guessing which direction they’ll go down.

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