Placing foundations help

Does anyone know how to get the insulated wooden foundations to face the way I want? I can’t tell which way the boards are facing until I place them and it’s driving me up a wall that I can’t get them to all line up in the same direction…

I take close attention to the edge. You should see a straight line or the tables before you place it, that’s what helps me.
On PS4 we use R2 to switch sides for foundations.

Yeah, unfortunately their is no clear way to tell :confused:

On ps4, its easy to see. May need check some PC setting if your having trouble seeing which way boards are going.

Although it may seem conterintuitive, I find it is often easier to build at night time. That way the sun isnt making it more difficult to make out the inlayed patterns. Furthermore, I sometimes find it helps to either build a temporary staircase, vertical stack of 2-3 foundation blocks, or activate fly mode (if you can), so that you can have a birdseye view whilst building.


The planks are visible in the “ghost” foundation piece while you’re placing it. They’re not easy to see by any means, but I’ve built quite a few insulated wood pieces and soemhow managed.

The sun, or the general brightness of the surroundings, can make seeing the details on “ghost” building block harder. Croms_Faithful has some good suggestions there.

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