"Improperly" built structures randomly losing stability upon server restart and disappearing/demolishing

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Germany

I built a base that combines triangular and square patterns because I hadn´t known just how wonky and stupid that sooner or later turns out to be, and long story short, built a suspended staircase supported by pillars that I built from top to down, because I wanted the edge of the staircase to align with the battlements above properly and not have a stupid looking gap there. It was a challenge, but eventually I managed to pull it off and there was no problem with the structure at all, everything perfectly aligned, no clipping, the pillar-supported wedge floors between staircases had 100% stability, despite the pillars being off-center relative to the foundations they leaned on, and only a good look at the foundation floor underneath the staircase would show that there is anything unusual about the structure, as both the pillars and the bottom staircase didn´t align with the centers and the edge of any wedge foundation respectively.

But it seems every time the server restards, SOME parts of the staircase get demolished as if they lost stability. This is stupid enough, but it gets worse since the parts getting demolished seem to be completely random and it can seemingly affect ANY of the “misaligned” parts, so every night different portions of the structure get destroyed. I would very much appreciate a fix for this in some future update, it is a relatively minor thing compared to many others, but it certainly is a bothersome and somewhat problematic bug.

Including 3 screens of one of the incidents and fourth one of a different one. They along with the paragraphs above should provide enough information to reproduce this, if not, feel free to ask additional questions or ask for specific screenshots. This entire structure is built upon wedge foundations btw, there are no squares involved in any direct way (other than the staircases which of course have a cubic volume which is the cause of the entire issue here).

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Hey @Riwillion

Thank you for your feedback, we’ll be sending it to our team. Could you be a bit more specific though with what are the “misaligned” parts you mention? The pillars or the wedges?


I think you will find that the staircase as you have it built will continue to randomly lose stability and pieces as the pillars whilst they look like they are on the ground aren’t actually correctly attached to the foundations underneath them.
If you place a wedge and then put a pillar on top of it you will see that there is only one place it wants to snap onto … so whilst you have built from the top down to get those pillars in those positions…the wedge foundations under the pillars have not registered those pillars as having snapped onto them …
and when the game reloads and calculates the stability of the structure as it loads …the pillars misaligned on the wedge foundations do not gain their stability number from the wedges below them but the wedge above …and depending upon the order in which they load …various pieces end up with too little stablity and despawn.
To make the structure stable you will need to build from the bottom upwards and have the pillars snapped to the wedges below as the game intends them to be and not misaligned.

I learnt that lesson also by building a spiral staircase that lost various parts after relogs … in my case it was having pillars on square foundations with wedge ceiling pieces attached to them …and vice versa … I had to solve it by having the same shape above and below the pillar.


Yeah, I figured as much, but the thing is, it SHOULD work, especially since when I check the pillars´ stability, they have 100% which clearly means the game considers them being snapped to the foundations, since otherwise they wouldn´t have transferred their stability onto themselves. Also it probably isn´t quite as you say, because every time, different parts of the staircase despawn, so it clearly is bugged and random (since the structure is always built the exact same way, yet the game upon server restart demolishes different parts of it each time.

You are very welcome :slight_smile: Well, I made a big triangle of wedge foundations, basically, and on one side, I built this gate and walls on its sides. Then I built a wedge floor layer on the inner side of this wall to serve as battlemets to place my thralls on, and from one of these floors, I built a staircase leading downwards, from that one, a single wedge, then another staircase, 2 wedges, another staircase, 3 wedges, and then the last staircase. The misalignment problem started with the first staircase, since I built virtually a cubic object over a wedge foundation, and their length ratios are like 81:70 (not even accounting for their width which also needs to be just right), so making them properly meet is practically impossible, and entirely impossible in this relatively small area.

The pillars I built from the wedge floors above, which came after the first staircase, so all the pillars as well as wedge floors connecting the staircases are misaligned relative to the foundations, and so are all the staircases, however, only the bottommost staircase is connected to the foundations directly. This of course seems irrelevant, since the game sometimes demolishes this bottommost staircase and sometimes leaves it intact, demolishing some random staircase in-between which absolutely should not demolish since the wedge floor above it AND below it both remained undemolished and stable. So basically, the way the game determines stability is clearly on drugs.

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Thank you for the clarification. We’ve updated the original report with the new information :slight_smile:

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