Why does the top of my roof keep disappearing?!

Hi there.

The top of my roof keeps disappearing.
It stays there for some time, even when I log out and log in again. But then, suddenly, it’s gone.
It’s happened twice now within 48 hours.

The stability should not be the problem - all the walls supporting the roof have stability 60.

The walls beneath the roof tiles form a hexagon (six walls in a “round” formation), and the six roof tiles are Tiled Wedge Insulated Wooden Sloped Roof.

Has anyone had the same problem? Maybe I misunderstood something about stability? Maybe it’s a bug? Or something else entirely?

Any insight would be welcome.

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what does the event log say? lost stability or sth else?

The event log?
I wasn’t even aware there was such a thing.
I’ll try to find out and get back to you - thanks for the tip!

it is in list along with settings, exit, etc. it is quite helpful when it comes to this kind of issues. select the building entries, increase the distance if you need to. there should be sth.

I had a ladder which disappeared every time, until I saw it with repairing hammer: it showed stability 0. Try to check stability on the roof too, not only the walls.

In my case, it’s the trebuchet that keeps disappearing. I already built it 5 times, and every time it was gone after 3 days. So I gave up.

I had a simple two-level stairway that kept disappearing for no reason. Eventually I got bored of replacing it and just put an elevator in its place. Feels like a waste of an elevator, but some people these days won’t use the stairs if there’s an elevator, even if it’s just one storey up in the mall.

Hi again, guys!

Thanks for your comments!

I’m pretty sure I’ve found the root of my problem:
the support for the roof that kept disappearing was, among other building pieces, a bunch of pillars. These pillars where placed in between two floors, where the tiles did not match position - i.e. wedged ceiling pieces would be directly above square ceiling pieces under them, etc.

The pillars could be placed in between the two floors just fine, but they stood “askew”, not solidly in the middle of the floor tiles beneath them.
It seemed the pillars would sometimes “flicker” between “understanding” which tile they where attached to. Generally, the pillars “behaved” like they were placed on the building piece under them, carrying the same stability. But then, in brief moments, they would seem to “behave” like they where attached to the tile above them, ignoring the piece beneath them - and as a result, their stability would drop drastically for just a few moments. This drop in stability would “ripple” up through the building pieces they were supposed to support.

My solution was to place new pillars - and place the solidly on the building pieces they stood upon.

This means that the upper of the two floors no longer looks the way I want it to, but it’s better than rebuilding the top of my roof every day.

The lesson I learned from this: don’t mismatch tiles between two floors … stability will start to behave weirdly.


That’s more or less what says the CE wiki in the articles about how to build a maproom with a closed ceiling.

Ive always been careful to match floor and ceiling but was curious if it would matter, tyvm

Maybe the problem was that you said, but it could happens anyway and the piece disappears because of this bug:

That bug is still around?? There are times I’m tempted to stop using the building materials that mods offer, only to quickly be reminded of these stupid stability issues. I really hate not being able to build certain styles without having to add pieces which completely ruin the aesthetic of what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s always with the roofing, too.

Sadly yes

Thumbs down :cry:

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