Arched ceilings, or why bother?

I don’t really have much to say, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Or at least it would be if I could upload an image. What the heck is this limitation? How am I, new to the forums or not, supposed to show you the problem if I can’t post an image?

Anyway, either make it to where we can put our columns in corners or don’t bother giving us arched ceilings and columns. These hanging corners where columns SHOULD be are stupid, and now both the Arena AND the Argosian pieces suffer from this bizarre decision.

Couple of ways. Spend about 10 minutes reading posts to unlock “Basic” trust level, or post the image to some site like Imgur, and break the link up. For example post it as “imgur .com”.

Someone can then see the image you mean to post to illustrate…

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Though in this case screenshots probably aren’t necessary, because the same thing was brought up when the Blood and Sand DLC came out.

If you can use mods I can think of at least one that deals with this, though increased vanilla pillar placement options would certainly be nice as well.


We actually use that exact mod, but he has to make all his own models and textures since he doesn’t have access to DLC stuff. It’s sad, this should be built-in imho.

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