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can we see the grain of the ceilings before we place em? bc im still salty af over not being able to use the stable set so i WILL NOT be buying more till they all are addressed. particularly all the wedges. …am i alone in my ocd on this one or is there anyone with me?


I don’t own all the dlcs and i understand your frustration. Still i decide to bye this dlc not because i am Greek, but because of the covid financial disaster. I want this game to stay alive and this employs, to have the basic to feed their families. I am a family man and i cannot help the idea to think differently. If i has all the dlcs like you do i would still act the same, not to say bravo to the mistakes, not at all, but to tell them that i am here to support, the way i can, your efforts. We, the real lovers of this game, must support it till the end. I see conan exiles like my football team, i have to be there even when we are loosing, keep politely complain, but there next to my team. One day maybe we will be the champions, but until then i am really sure that we will witness a lot of wins too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i feel like this is an easy fix that more ppl are frustrated about, than are voicing right now. 8/

I would love to see the angle pieces in the lattice and also in the stable walls with slopes as well.

Can’t promise it’s a thing that can be updated in the future but I don’t mind poking and asking about it. I totally understand where you’re coming from.

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I was building my base out of the riders stuff (before argos came) and found it rather disjointing to have to resort to the insulated wood t2 parts just to “sort of” match the look when it came to closing the roof off. It comes out well rather ugly.

yes a fix like the yamatai got for all the wedges plz. i see all the pc doods got that mod that puts an arrow, and would like that more but the former is good enough. pretty please w sugar :kissing_closed_eyes:

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The stable wedge ceiling piece is there, it’s just mislabeled. It just say’s Wedge Ceiling tile

Talking about the vertical ones. I forget exactly how it is called in game hm like the Left/Right Angle and also some matching textured sloped roof/ramps.

The mod “Less Building Placement Restrictions” made a very simple fix to this issue by adding an arrow that sticks out to the front side of every building piece. This makes placing everything much more easy, especially when it comes to ceilings where you can’t see the orientation of the texture in the “preview” before placing.

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