Upcoming DLC Suggestions

PLEASE no more “animal dress up” in the DLC! ESPECIALLY if it’s really going to be Turan! We need PERSIAN DECOS! And hey could we have some new hairstyles for men and women PLEASE??? MORE LONG ONES! And if you could possibly give us at least a T2 building option along wit hthe T3 THAT would be great. Seriously.

Also, PLEASE, for the love of all the gods… cut BACK on the flippin’ SPIKES all over everything. I get it, it’s T3, it’s hard to climb! But…they look stupid. They really do. So stop. Please.


I want siege weapons! No more reskins.


Agreed! I dislike the appearance of spikes on eeeeeverything.


Yeah, the spikes are horrible, I prefer the lower buildings because of that.


I would like: drain bridges that fit with the different styles. Flags… flags that u can dye… so u could craft a clan flag (of every size: wall flags and properly flags). Same for shields. Paintings to put on the walls… especially if they reproduce the map of Conan. Merchant thralls and musician thralls. Roads (t1 - t2 -t3) especially if they could cut your claimed area. So you could create a city of unguilded players. Iron cage walls.


Also door frames of 2 fonds size. Drain bridges of different sizes.


Hi ho bunk.

And a smaller version of animal pen with fewer slots. It is to friggin big.

Oh, and some arc pillars or windows for us gothic fanbois. And more “stone” looking buildig pieces, aaand more plate armor to :slight_smile:


I just want boats. A type of boat that can store cargo, and a type of boat that can hold thralls so I don’t lose them. They don’t have to be fast, but don’t make them elevator speed either


I LOVE the boat idea! Yes please! Honestly, if they’d give us boats and HORSES that just move at the regular sprint speed I’d be incredibly happy at this point.


I also just realized something… you know what this DLC needs DESPERATELY? A hookah!


I absolutely agree with you there @Shadoza!

Picts don’t wear armor in Conan’s time. Usually fight naked, might wear a loincloth and so the Pict DLC lacks any roleplay as a Pict except maybe the headdresses. I can understand the building sets needing to conform to the game models, but the armors are not primitive enough. So rename the Pict DLC Hyperborean and try Pictish again.

You could also do a Cimmerian DLC where the armors are more primative than standard Viking. Cimmerians at this time are regarded as just a little more advanced than the naked Picts.


The ability to add stair railings that actually work (i.e. have collision and can be socketed onto existing stairs) would be greatly appreciated.

Also, no more floor and foundation textures that are impossible to align! Give us a directional indicator, or make their texture omni-directional like the Aquilonian blocks. I will not be held responsible for any violence committed during an OCD-induced berserker rage if there’s a repeat of the Frontier ceilings/foundations. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Honestly at this point, if it has T1 and/or T2 building options and more placeables, I couldnt be happier.


Paintable walls with the dye skill… I love the interior of the Frontier sets, but not the spikes and scales outside… and being able to dye building pieces would allow say Frontier railings blend in better with insulated wood walls.


And I’ve said it before, arched doors and vaulted ceilings…


Removing avatars, add a lot of siege weapons and means for defense. Avatars are just lazy excuse for “sieges”. Do that and you will see massive increase in server population as people are going to buy the game at much higher rate.

Ja. Wir wollen mehr T2-Sets.

Beeilt euch bitte mit der Umsetzung. Ihr könnt auch gerne weitere T1-Sets implementieren.

Hauptsache nicht noch mehr T3-Sets. Nur Endgame-Content ist unsinnig, da es zu teuer zum Bauen ist.


Too expensive? Mind looking at any official server - everything is stuffed with T3 trash castles. T3 has become the new T1 when new tools came and in addition to that even building costs were reduced and ichor is a trash resource now. Not to mention the 2x rates …

Not sure about T1 building mats cause they could be destroyed to easily in PvP and PvE (purge I’ve seen it happen) but yes more T2 & T3 options