More creative DLCs needed

There are rumors about the next DLC pack, which should be Turan.

I dont know if this is true, but considering the previous DLCs we have been getting Im not excited for whatever hits next. I cant say for the others, but Im sick of re-skinned T3 structures. We already have more end game tiers than T1 and T2s combined. Those DLCs take too long to come out and dont add anything new, its just more of the same over and over.

I really wish Funcom would focus on smaller DLCs, they could cover a much wilder variety of implementations this way. For example:

  1. Flags DLC: Add a bunch new flags and banners, shapes and sizes to add on walls or standing on poles. Make several labels from most different cultures, or labels clans could use to claim their territory.

  2. Barracks DLC: Focused on military furnitures for bases and guard houses. Standing and mounted weapon racks, dummies to display armors, combat dummies we could actually test our weapons, military tents we could carry or simply place around our bases for thralls etc!

  3. Conan Lore character DLCs: There are several iconic characters in Conan lore could be brought into the game. These DLCs could add new weapons, armory, haircuts, voices maybe even new combat animations all based on these characters!

Funcom should realize this DLCs concept they adopted is getting old, repetitive and not appealing for some players, they should make an attempt to bring in more generic concepts, more character focus, etc… There is plenty room to explore but they are hitting the same idea over and over again.


I agree to an extent… but there are actually at least 2 cultural DLCs I’d love to see first. These being Turan (which is rumored to come out next) and a Nordheim/Cimmeria DLC.

One thing that needs to change, however, are the contents. Please, for the love of Crom, Ymir and all other gods of the hyborian age, stop with those pet skins as part of the DLCs. Give us cultural appropriate hair-/beardstyles, a few more placeables or anything else really.

And don’t unlock DLC feats automatically. Seriously, that’s one of the worst things with the DLCs, since it clutters up your inventory/crafting menu for no good reason. Keep the cost to unlock the feats at 0, but let us manually unlock the feats.


Yes, they should never release another cultural DLC without new placeables. But you see, that is the reason why I dislike this cultural DLCs concept.

They still have a dozen cultures to cover, you might want Turan and Cimmerian, others might want to see Stygian, others might wanna see Brythunian, some might want Nemedians… and its a huge list to cover. If they are bound to the same concept they wont be adding anything really different in the game anytime soon. Not everything needs to be restricted to a culture. Every DLC comes with new T3 tiers, new weapons, new armors and at best some new placeables… but the game is a lot more than this.

If they spend all their creative team making more of the same the game wont change much for the next years, thats what Im affraid. Thats why I think they should also make an effort to cover other areas, sure, they can keep the culture DLCs coming, but they should also make other types of DLC

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They absolutely should do other DLCs than the cultural ones, I agree. Preferably alternating cultural DLCs with other DLCs so it doesn’t get stale.

Admittedly I mostly want a northern-themed DLC, because it would be the perfect excuse to include a two-handed axe as a new weapon and wood as a T1 building material :wink: Not to mention a bit of northern decor…

Unlike other rumors that had actual backing to them, I don’t know where you got this rumor from (map chat I guess?). Neither live or testlive has any hints to what the future DLC will be. Continue on with the rest of your commentary of what you hope is in the next DLC, but as far as a “rumor” of it being Turan, I don’t see any evidence of this.

The cultural DLCs are a great idea, but they need to do more than just a tile kit. The Khitan and Aquilonian DLCs were on the mark, and if they release a new dungeon with each DLC then everyone will get at least something from it.

As for small expansions that would really boost the game, I think a light orb (poison, gas, tar, but no light?) and some smaller animal pens (even just a “one pet pen”) would be nice, and if they added a small gate to the DLC that would get a lot of attention very quickly. They could also put out some beds and pet pens that release followers during a raid/purge, so you don’t have to run the AI for 2,000 followers all the time. With the right coding you could set it so that you can only have a hundred or so active at once during non-combat periods, and 200 during combat, so that people can have an obscene number of pets and thralls without it crashing the server.

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Forget DLC I would pay a fee if Funcom would switch server provider clients so they could actually keep servers online. Haven’t been able to play in two days guys c’mon

A big yes of support from me Asteria, I have wanted a couple of the things you listed for some time now.

Absolutely, more cultural flags please. If I may take it a step further. Religious flags too pleeease! See the logos depicting religions on the character creation screen? I would love to have flags, banners and tapestries emblazoned with their characters religion decorating my home. It makes me really want to dig in and intensify my support for my chosen deity. Let us display our allegiances, cultural and religious, openly and with pride.

Again, I wholeheartedly agree. The thing about the combat dummies is that there are already some in the game. The Nordheimers in the Highlands biome already have them at a number of their camps. It would be great if we could have these as placeables. And Standing Weapon racks, well a barbarian can never have too many ways to display his weapons.

And yet again I agree. Sestus summed it up well recently when he professed he would love to have a Red Sonja outfit. Some other good ones would be Kull, and Belit.

And something else that at @Kendaric stated which I also support:

I certainly agree. I say put them in the game as additional recipes which must be located and interacted with. Some of the most fun Ive had in this game has been hunting for recipes, searching for journals, pressing on banners. Make us earn them by getting out there and exploring.

And just one more thing which has been coming up a lot, but I want to add my voice to the choir. Placeables please! (Its a BIG please)


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