Cimmerian DLC Suggestion

Hello Funcom Design Brains!

This might be a super obvious suggestion, but can we have a Cimmerian DLC in the works please?

I mean, in a game centred firmly on a Cimmerian, wouldn’t you think we get some armour, weapons and placeables from Conan’s own homeland??

Makes sense to me…!


They could rework the riddle of steel. The owners of this dlc should pay only the difference and all the others the full prize.


I would love some more Cimmerian based dlc items and structures. I know talks of giving the religion of crom some flavor items has been talked about quite a bit on these forums. Could get some of that love here as well!


I’d love a cimmerian dlc but without any Crom’s flavor items. Crom isn’t a god you worship. It’s a god you respect but you prefer to not draw his attention. Then you don’t make any items for him because those will draw his attention. You don’t build an altar dedicated to Crom because it’ll draw his attention.
In fact the only time you want to draw Crom attention is for a newborn children to ask him to give the kid the strength and vitality to survive in this harsh world. NO need for an altar or items for that. A quick prayer is enough.

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Love that sentence:

Crom isn’t a God you worship, he’s a God You respect.


Greetings there Embertale, and nice to make your aquaintance here on the forum. :smiling_imp: :metal: First things first. I agree with you that there should be a Cimmerian DLC. When we consider that the main character in the franchise is a Cimmerian, it make good sense to me that Cimmerian cultural content should be some of the heavily featured in the game. Now onto the exciting part…

At last a new Crom devotee steps forward. Indeed it has been discussed Embertale, and so to shall it continue to be whilever Im here. And on that note I hands down, unequivocally agree with you! But dont just take my word for it, take that of the dozens of other members who feel the same way and support this move. I happen to be the forums most prominent advocate for additional Crom goodies and artifacts in Conan Exiles. And if you feel the same way, then I invite you to sign the ‘petition’ (ie-donate a like) to my thread, calling for Crom to receive an overhaul. And by all means discuss the issue! I’ll have your back. The best way we can persuade Funcom that this should come to pass is with a strong show of support through numbers!

This invitation of course also extends to any other members who would like to support or discuss the issue.

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I remember reading over that post when I was a mere lurker and thought it was interesting. As someone who participates in the RP side of this community, anything that brings forth more ways to flavor the game in all its wonderful cultures and themes I am all for. Crom and Cimmerians are one of the unfortunate cultures that I feel like could use some love.
Next I just need to somehow get everyone on my Vendhyan agenda.


Happy for any new DLC, including Cimmerian. But I’m definitely an advocate for a Vendhyan DLC. I admit, I even created a Twitter account just to ask Joel Bylos directly. I got a response, but no direct answer was given.

But as this is a thread for Cimmerian/Crom, bring in on. The more cosmetic DLCs the better!

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