Sugestions to new DLCs

Hello people, I want share ideas about creation of new DLCs for the game. Following the same style of the current DLCs, inspired in other Conan realms,.

Stygia - I think its must be amazing. Stygia is a egyptian style cvilization, land of wizards and sorceros, with a culture unique and exotic. Piramids, temples, snakes… maybe new pets like giant snakes, wepons like kopesh style sword, and bulding pieces style old egyptian style.

Shem - Shem is a land of city states and deserts in eastern place. a civilization like ancient assyrian, babylonians, jewes culture. a lot idols statues, nomads tribes of desert…mesopotamian style building pieces…

other ideas…

Nordheim - Vikings style.

Barachan Isles - Pirates…

Hirkania - nomad riders mongolian style

Vendhya - ancient India cvilization style.

Kush and Black kingdons - primitive african tribes styles, and the amazons too

Zingara - latin iberic styles… corsairs, pirates, riders, swordfights, …

Hiperborea - a barbarian kingdon in the north, very dark and cold, land of witches, slavers and savage warriors. stones castles, monsters, snow, cold… you understand.

Cymmeria - yes, the land of Conan. celtic look like culture.

Just same ideas…
I really want see a DLC about Stygia and Shem.

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Stygia is long over due. This should have been implemented a while ago.

Zingara would be nice as well.

Kush would be very interesting but would have to be done properly.

Cimmeria…not sure what they could do. Building pieces would really not be included nor would things like statues. it would be a very limited DLC.

Vendhya would be pretty nice indeed.

Barachan Isles… it’s just a mish-mash of Argosian and Zingaran mostly. Not really needed. And with the pirate stuff you can already get in game I just don’t see this as being needed.

Hyrkania - Another non-build set…much like Cimmeria.

Nordheim? Do you want Aesir or Vanir?

There are definitely places they can explore without making things up coughyamataicough and some of the ones you mentioned should be on that list.

Im still waiting for Stygia , but other “exotic” would be great, not “norse or european” again pls!

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i like your ideas!

im kinda over the entire rome / greek thing to be honest. the new dlc coming i am not excited about even though i have all of em. i feel it should just be added to the aqul. dlc.

i could go for some more egyptian or viking style . something mystical too.
but the next dlc should have more t1 and t2 options in there.
anyway hope the dlc problem gets fixed…good luck with that guys.

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