Future DLC Requests

So, I love the new People of the Dragon DLC pack. The styles of building pieces, new placeables, etc. I also have an unabashed love of the Arena set, stormglass, and so on… However, I WANT MORE

So what should the next “cool thing” be?

I’ll start:
I want a DLC with more varieties of stone. Not quite “Ye Olde Concrete,” but something like light stone textures. Maybe something based off of the time of the Crusades. Stained glass with images in them, roman-catholic braziers, more incense burners/censers, and some cloth-over-metal armors.

I will also add that I know next to nothing about the conan universe, so what i’ve suggested probably isn’t “lore friendly,” but still. Stained glass windows of the gods (Yog, Set, Jhebbal Sag, etc) and some special religious stuff like man-sized statues of the avatars or something.

In fact, a DLC that expands religious armors would be cool. Like, they’d be normal armors and whatnot, but you could craft “armor customizations” at the religious altars. For example: You craft a set of “Heavy Religious armor” at your armor bench, and then take it to the shrine to have it emblazoned with the Symbol/Likeness of that shrine (Like dyeing an item, but with extra steps)


The main thing about the DLC is they tie into existing cultures within the Hyborian age. Everything is thematic and tied to the wide spread of cultures

This may be a bit too futuristic for most cultures. A lot of the western european themed ones are already out, such as Nemedian or Aquilonian. The only outstanding ones that may come close to that would be Zingara, or Zamora. Both of which are considered great civilizations of their time, with them being themed around Spain and Romania respectively. Brythunia I believe would be behind the curve, closer in theme and technology level to Nemedia, or even more behind than that.

One is worshipped by primitive cannibals who live in skin tents and the other is worshipped by animals and beastlike men. I don’t think the followers of either of those two examples would be big into fine craftsmanship

I’d rather this be implemented into the base game as part of a larger religion rework. The current sets are so poor they have no use, and deserve to be improved upon first and foremost


All valid points there, @Jimbo . I was mostly just throwing out ideas that popped into my head to get some discussion started. What kinda stuff would you like to see in future DLC’s?

There’s some decent ideas in there. I feel like a Zingaran DLC if it did come out would be very nautical themed, as that’s a core setting for the more swashbuckling pirate adventures in the universe.

Zamora might be closer to what you’re after, as it’s a land of opulent decoration and crafty thieves. A DLC around that would be a mixture of sneaky thief gear, and ornate, highly detailed buildings with gilded furnishings

I’m gonna ask for Hyperborea until the day I die. Cyclopean masonry, dinosaur-leather armor, and sorcery.


Interiors. Walls, decor, tile overlays for flooring, Fireplaces, library bookcases etc. Secret doors, etc.

Camouflage T1 or 2 stuff that is designed for your build to blend in. Includes sod ceiling pieces and dirt/rock/sand foundations and gradual ramping.

Seige and Defense Addtional items that can assist in raid and help defend against them. Includes moats (IE water foundational pieces) battering rams, etc


I’m gonna pull a @Jimbo here and say that I’d like for most of those to be in the base game, especially:

These, however, would be cool as a DLC

NPC mod that does this


More dungeons.

More maps with lore such as the Exiled Lands. Liked Siptah, but it has much less lore elements to it.

Expansion/conclusion of the many open/unfinished stories.

More jobs/uses for thralls, e. g. collecting stuff, patrolling.

More requirements or improvements for thralls, such as the farming and shelter system in Fallout 4. In Conan Exiles, you can have an army of thralls without giving them anything - no beds, no food (except to heal), nothing.
Could either be implemented as a requirement for thralls - each thrall requires a bed, a garden to provide food and so on. Or could give buffs, such as a life or crafting speed buff if they’re probably cared for.

Rework and fixes for the purge. It often spawns in weird places or under the map, and is either too weak or unbelievable powerful (e. g. Cimmerian berserkers).
In Sepermeru, you’re told that the Stygian army sweeps the lands every few months to collect the artifacts the exiles have uncovered. This is probably a remnant of their first idea of the purge. Would be nice to implement that as a kind of super purge.

NPC forces that build their own camps and armies. This was announced for Age of Conan as well as Conan Exiles, but never implemented, probably because it isn’t easy to do. But I assume that some basic version based on purge mechanics would be possible, such as spawning more enemies in faction camps or sending out patrols and attack forces.

A faction system would be pretty cool, too, that allows your character to ally themselves with the Nordheimers, the pirates and so on. Maybe kill 50 wights, and the Cimmerians will be passive for 24 h and allow access to a faction vendor that sells faction gear and thralls during that time.


While I’m on board with your suggestions, I started this thread with the idea of DLC’s in mind, not game changes. Similar to the Blood and Sand dlc, or the People of the Dragon pack, I was hoping to get some more ideas of what kinds of things players would like to see in future (mostly) cosmetic DLCs.

Edit: Avoiding Double Posting:

Ark did something similar with their DLC maps Center, Ragnarok, etc. And it worked out quite well there. I’d like something for Conan too, although I have to acknowledge the fact that the main success of the Ark maps is that they were player made mods that were converted to official maps and then given out for free.


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This should not be in a DLC or it would be “pay to win”. This SHOULD be put into the base game as one of their free updates however. I have even posed pictures of various siege engines and other type machines from different cultures that could be implemented. But it should not be hidden behind a pay for DLC, it should be available to everyone.

As for DLC’s, I agree with @Jimbo that Zingara and Zamora are great places I would love to see. I would also put out Kambuja and Vendeya.


A flora mini DLC, call it Ishtar’s Bounty or something.
Adding placeable trees, vines, flowers et al.

A proper desert themed building set, I know we have Turanian… but it’s a really, really ostentatious and visually ‘busy’ set. A dlc based on the Sepermeru faction with perhaps a slightly more ornamental look to it would be awesome.

The addition of Lesser deities: they would provide no altar or avatar to call upon but instead have a smaller placeable offering boons depending on the deity.


So you mean Stygians?


I am more to this. I really believe that exterior decoration needs more especially on the gardening. I would like to see trees, some decorative flowers why not, but not only on the green side but in the dark side too, like dead trees like the ones we farm for bark or the shaped trees in the brimstone lake. We have some stone tables etc… with these items we could fix something thematic. I love the green side of the green but I love its dark side too at the same time. I don’t know the lore so I cannot think which race could be the correct to implement such decorative. Last but not least I would love to have if possible as placing items the water ponds we find in the sag dungeon but the blood pool too we see in the warmakers. This time I believe external deco should be the “focus”.


Things I’d like to see in an “exterior” focused DLC:

New Drawbridges
More planters (Exotic plants, anyone?)
Blood/Red Kool Aid pool/altar/fountain
Actually, just more fountains in general
More placeable skulls (Like warhammer 40k piles of skulls)
Some real windchimes
Hanging Radium torches/braziers
More Big statues


In the Exiled Lands, you start with a mystery. Who built the road? Who’s talking to you through the monoliths? Along your journey, you find journals, more monoliths, more ruins… and over time, a story gets fleshed out.

In Siptah, there is something similar, but pretty much only in the lore stones at the vaults. There are a few notes lieing around, but they’re not part of the mystery. Yeah, some Stygians have come to the land and are at war with the pirates. shrug Less personal, less mysterious, less intrigueing.

Siptah has some great elements to it. But the map feels more barren to me, in features as well as in story.

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Just don’t drink the kool aid…


Can someone please give us some different elevators….
I feel like a pretty big opportunity was missed for a Stormglass elevator.



Placeable food, barrels filled with fruit, chests filled with gold and gems. Placable fruit trees, plants, and vines……



Where is my placeable cat….
It has been years man… help me, help you.


Kambujan building pieces with a strong Angkor-Khmer aesthetic. Apsara, Naga and Lion statues, Linga stones, fountains, and stylized roofing pieces. Walls and foundation pieces with bas-reliefs set into them. Accompanying weaponry would be awesome but the best inclusion would be Apsara Dancer sets with an Apsara dance emote.


DLC for character customization.

Fat and Thin slider. Successful barbarians can be well fed. Struggling barbarians can be quite thin.

More emotes.

Blunderbuss. Even if it sucks, I would put one on each of my thralls just for the loud combat. Slow, inaccurate, low range, low durability, literally dozens of reasons not to use it. Fun.