Now that the next DLC has been confirmed as Nemedians, are there any other cultures from Hyboria and beyond you hope we see?

I’ve been thinking on this as I’ve read through some of the Conan lore and was wondering what other people in the community thought.

There are so many interesting and diverse cultures that havent made their way to Siptah or the Exiles lands yet that would be exciting to see, what do you guys hope to see?

I personally hope to see things like;

Zingara for more classical europe styled culture with more sleek weapons designs similar to the rapiers they are described to have and more grandious armor.

Amazonians could have a lot of interesting aspects seeing Funcoms interpretation of one of the strongest Black Kingdoms.

Zamora would be an interesting one, especially given we now have the Zath religion which comes from Zamora.

Vendhya has a ton of potential. Being based vaguely on Vedic and ancient India, there is the potential for some incredibly diverse deco, build, and armor options that can stand out among the variety CE already has.


But I wanna buy it already! /jk

I would love an Amazonian’s armor set. Might be extra work though, as they might allow distinctive male/female requirements on armors.


Yes. All of them :slight_smile:


The armor is horrible, the rest is beautiful! When can I buy it?
And will it improve other building elements? (sloped window)

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Personally I’d like to see a Kushite, Vendhyan, Hyrkanian, or Kambujan DLC.


They announced they plan to release it on the 21st on their stream, so next Thursday.


For me, Hyrkanian has been the top of my list since I discovered Riders of Hyboria wasn’t Hyrkanian.
Other than that, Vendhyan would also be nice and is largely untouched.

A Darfari/Kushite/Keshan/Punt pack for the more Southerly Kingdoms would also be nice.

Part of me wants Stygian and Lemurian. Part of me realizes there are already several Stygian and Lemurian items and placeables in game (even if having a khopesh worth using isn’t).

However, with that note… A composite Zamoran/Stygian/Koth set, let’s call it Civilization, Ancient and Wicked, might be an option.
Likewise, an Orphans of Dagon could have Lemurian elements, but also Atlantis, Valusian or any other sunken civilization.


Probably Kush and Vendhya are the more unique of the ones not yet represented.

I personaly think we need more barbaric/savage/primitive DLCs, what we have that fits this is pratically only Picts on the Savage Frontier, which I like very much (still think they should be more scantly clad, but the armors are great anyway).


So why post it then? Don’t we have enough threads about the stuff you wrote here? Can we have this one for this topic?

Speaking of the topic, I’d love to see an “Ancient Civilizations” DLC, with Atlantean, Acheronian, and Lemurian stuff.


What’s ironic is some of us have been asking for new DLC. Its been over a year since Siptah came out and many of us want some new building stuff. Especially for those who don’t run mods, or prefer to keep their modlists a bit light. One of the benefits of DLC (and anything Funcom adds to the game concerning cosmetics) is they add nearly no overhead to server loads since they are apart of the stripped out parts of the dedicated server.

So anyway what he said was entirely false.

As for my preferred DLC for the next release. I’d like to see Kush. Its a region of the continent that hasn’t been explored yet in CE.

But I wouldn’t say no to a Asgard/Vanaheim DLC either. Something to flesh out the Blood Feud a bit.


Aesir and Vanir mostly and maybe a random items DLC pack (or added to the base game) of various weapons and build pieces that may of been in one older DLC, but not in others- like great axes. Also, Conan the barbarian (1982) movie armour sets. We already have the helmets. Where’s the rest of it?


Please please please! And a full-size statue in full color of Ladagara. I will build her an entire courtyard.


For me, as I have said before I like the idea of DLC’s also having NPC’s from the culture out on the map. Like I play a Hyborian character, and specially role play as a Poitanian- so sure, knowledge of Aquilonian, Poitanian, Argossean - maybe even Nemedian stuff would be a given.

But there’s not really a good reason why my character would, should, or could know about Khitain or Yamatai designs (even if the char has traveled to those distant places in the past, that doesn’t mean they know enough to build buildings in that style), and there isn’t an in game way to get exposure to those cultures.

So before anything, I’d love the addition of NPC’s from any of the cultures in the DLC’s that aren’t already present on the map.

But as far as new things are concerned… A Vendhya and Kush themed DLC would be great - but I would also like to throw Iranistan into the mix! Turan already gives a really good take on Persian and central Asian arms and Architecture over a wide period, so I think an Iranistan DLC could move in an even more ancient Babylonian and Assyrian Direction. (This would also make it pretty ideal for a Shemite style DLC, probably. It might also scratch the itch for people who want a Stygian DLC despite that Stygian stuff is really well covered in the base game as it is.)


I though Aesir and Vanir are out because same as Stygian they have a lot on the base game.
Like I said, more barbaric/primitive themed DLC are needed, so Aesir, Vanir and Cimmerian DLCs could be done.


Like to se the armors and stuffs from Age of Conan dlc.

And (dont remember the names) in style whit the old ruins in both of the game so we can ad and repare whats alredy exist.


For a brief moment I read this as Lady Gaga :grin:

On the topic, I would love a stygian themed dlc, but in all honesty…
I have come to a point where I mostly care about the placeables and building kit and what they can offer in variety combined with other DLC’s.
It’s not like I don’t want the whole package created with great care for lore, but I have to say that I rarely ever use the weapons, sometimes the armor, but again not a lot, and I very rarely use a dlc as a whole in a base… so yeah give me a dlc with great building pieces and placeables, then I will be happy :grinning:


I would be happy if we could take the heads of flesh and blood serpantman brutes, and the heads of serpantmen themselves as trophies. Just the same as we can with a lot of the animals.


Top of my list is Dancer/Entertainer Pack… Clothing Items from several of Cultures.

Armors great… I’d love more Stuff for thralls and me.
Heck they could go Pack I and Pack II, cover large amounts of them.

2nd, Go back and Adjust old DLC’s…
Stables fence with pillars still offer 0 stabilty to anything attached to its top pillars.

Angle/Corner pieces for Arena,Stable/lattice be great.

Now that they own rights more fully? (I didnt really see funcom touch on this themsleves) I’d love to see what they can pull from. Comic Covers? or other art works?
Not so much Culture related I guess…

The Nemedian stuff looks like Home Run in design.
They already Touched Khitan and Yamatai… thou I kinda wish Yamatai was more Japanese. (feels like few things were missing)

I’d love to see some Tier 1, Buidings… Branches with Fiber/Cloth Tentish stuff that snapped. But that feels more like over-haul for lv1 player before they can make Stone. =/

Or even Darfari Tents and Light structures. Love there outfits… would love more stuff like that.
Simple, and not “full end game armor looking”


Savage Avengers? Doctor Doom’s armor might be a bit OP though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personally I would love to see a Celt DLC, with a Dagda Mor god and druids as priests.
At one point in history the Celts spanned all of Northern Europe, eventually becoming the Gauls, Germans, Britons, and Irish.
One of Howards first loves was the Celts history, and he was called the last Celt by some.
I get that The Nemedians are Celtic based, but it is somewhat diluted from the pure Celt culture itself.

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