Ideas for new DLCs

Good evening.

Funkom, but will not you disclose the secret, do you plan to release in the future the DLC, like the Khitan and Aquilonian?

If so, which cultures are worth waiting for? Will there be a set of Lemurian architecture, for example (does the corresponding mod in the “Workshop” already exist)?

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How about a dlc that fixes the million bugs and a free set of t1/t2 building skins?


Personally, I expect all major cultures to get a DLC. So I’m hoping for stygian, cimmerian and turanian DLC.


I agree as seeing the Aesir, Turan, Koth, Khoraja, Ophir, and Argos as well as other nations getting a DLC would be fun to see.

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also yes there is a workshop for Lemurian architecture old and new

I would love different skins of wells.

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Nah that’s way too radical. Also, it might be hard, so it’ll get scrapped.

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I’d like to see more tapestries and base decorating objects that can be dyed [ie. painted] (including existing DLCs). I’d also like to ‘paint’ structures (such as changing Khitan walls from red to blue and so forth).

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That’s the only DLC that costs time, as opposed to money.

But you know the saying “Time is money, friend”.

Which is what the other DLC’s are for.

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Also what does bug fixes have to do with the OPs topic of Ideas for New DLCs?


as opposed to releasing them with more bugs?

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Or a colorful dlc, providing us with i.e. 5 different colors on the same set of building pieces.

This is why I would as for a colorful dlc instead…

But really… Please! Give us reskins of those wells. :pray: (small and big one -> same costs, just reskins)


My money’s on Stygian and/or Cimmerian DLCs coming down the line, most likely. Though if I got to choose I wouldn’t mind seeing some AoC-style Mongol-themed Hyrkanian stuff, or an India-themed Vendhya pack.

Though I’m almost not sure what they’d even do for a Stygian DLC, considering the base game recipes already cover Stygian rugs, banners, braziers, beds, armors, and weapons.

I would like a more neutral DLC that adds just badass armor and building pieces that aren’t tied to a culture or place.
More building pieces with a fantasy look, like lava rock or stuff like that.
A dragon armor, a undead armor etc etc.
I want the art team to just go nuts and make the coolest stuff they can think of and not be tied to anything.

Dragon bone Armor would be great, since there is already dragon bone weapons. It seems to me that they are doing the dlc by region: East and West. I suspect we will get South and North next.

How about Bug Fix DLC?

And what about armor made from regular bones? I think that one would be a handcrafted t1 alternative. (NOT requiring those fittings and such. Just plain materials. Lots of bone, twine and a little of eighter fiber or hide.)

you guys now if they plan on realeasing new land content, for example if we get to explore new maps?

I dont think we will get new lands to explore. That happens rather rarely, so I would guess the next map extension might be pushed out in half a year. And it better gets tested.