Stygian/Egypt style DLC

I would love to see a DLC introduce building pieces, decorations, pet cosmetics and more armor and weapons resembling the style of Egypt. I tend to always play a Stygian and follow Set just because of this and I think would look great in the desert biome especially near Sepermeru.


I very much second this ^^ admittedly, there is the stygian armors already in game to use, same with weapons, but Stygian styled building pieces I would defos find absolutely fantastic to have! Decorations to fit it, wouldn’t be an issue either for me, not sure I’d use the pet cosmetics though… Primarily because as is, the ones that are in the game are a bit over the top for me O.o


If the DLC started to include more decorations this would be great


A whole host of varying decorations and building pieces in Stygian style? Perhaps just have it be a dlc with only that… I wouldn’t mind ^^ it’d free up both time and overall work-effort to flesh out a whole crap ton of things on that account ^^


Yeah, the armor sets that exist now are ok. I just wish there was a light or medium version that looked like the heavy set. I roll around too much and never wear heavy myself. Mainly I just want the building pieces, decorations and pet skins. I think there is a whole lot they could do with pet skins and the egyptian god masks for them. Wolf with Anubis mask, Crocodile with Sobek mask, etc.

I’d vouch for this idea as long as Funcom incorporates other cultures into the system, first. I.E. Turanian, Vendhyan, and Afghuli gear and decorations.

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