Why are there no Stygian buildings?

Probably more of a wish, but Stygia was the main nation that Conan was set against in his world why is there no dlc for their buildings and clothing and such yet?

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May be all “vanilla” buildings for warm biomes are Stygian already?

isn’t stygian egyptian? how are vanilla buildings egyptian?

People (including myself) have indicated a desire for a Stygian-themed DLC in the past, so I’m sure they know there’s a demand for it. On the other hand though, I can also understand it not being a terribly high priority at this point considering the Stygian armors, weapons, and placeables already in the game anyway. So even if there are any plans for one, I imagine they’d probably want to cover other cultures that don’t have anything in the game yet first.

If you can use mods, there’s always Stygian Building Kit, which I think is very nicely done.

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Don´t the tier 2 stonebrick buildings resemble the sepermeru buildings a bit?
Sepermeru is supposed to be stygian style, a little like phantasy poor man´s egyptian huts.
Don´t you think?



In the last online steam they said they would like to do one but did not say they would

Stygian is Egyptian-inspired, just like all of Howard’s cultures drew inspiration from real-world cultures but were not 1-to-1 carbon copies.

And yeah, Sepermeru-style is what Stygian probably looks in Funcom’s vision. I admit, it is pleasing to look, so I hope we can get some of those building pieces for our own use at some point.

The stone brick are alright, but I picture tier 3 being something more akin to what would be in their palaces etc… Almost every tier 3 building piece looks like what the elite / wealthy would have in each of the cultures. Here’s hoping that they eventually manage to make building pieces for a lot of the races as well as clothing and things like that.

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