Lack of Stygian representation

I find that Stygian’s are not very well represented considering they are one of the main races in the Conan world. All these other loosely connected races get their own DLC’s containing weapons, armour and building pieces, yet the Stygian’s do not.

I admit I haven’t completed all the game, by any stretch of the imagination, but casually looking through all the weapons I can unlock in the future there are epic versions of katanas but not a stygian khopesh. Just seems wrong to me, unless I am missing something?

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They all got stranded on the Isle of Siptah and established long time colony on it.
Meanwhile, other races begin to populate on the Exiled Lands.

And that’s the best explanation I have for FC omitting Stygians completely on EL…

There’s quite a few Stygian based armors and weapons in the base game. For example, the entire wine cellar dungeon is based on an ancient Stygian civilization (Khari). Plus, siptah has a lot of Stygian stuff. As for building sets, probably closest you’ll get is gonna be the stone brick set.

In all honesty, I’d like to see something properly Nordheimer. Like a Viking set. I made a sweet longhouse out of a mixture of sets, but I’d love that crossbar look at the tops of the roof caps like the mods have… and no, I can’t use mods on my PlayStation… not an option.

Have you not played Conan Exiles yet?
You have the Setite armor set, the Stygian Raider armor set, the Setite Cult Helmet, the Stygian Invader armor set, the Stygian Mercenary armor set, the Stygian Soldier armor set, and then there is the Setite armor set from the Set religion. That is a LOT of armor based on the Stygians, and that is not even including the fact that you can also include the Khari Soldier armor set, theKhari Raider armor set and the Khari Overseer armor set as the Khari are the people who fled the Lemurians they had enslaved and had revolted and eventually fled across (what is now Asia and into North Africa) vast tracks of land to fall upon the Giant Kings and form the nation of Stygia. The Lemurian slaves, who no longer remembered that they even were Lemurian, became the Hyrkanians.

Now, THAT is just the armor sets. There are also a number of weapons in both Stygian and Khari fashions as well. Sepermaru is also designed to be a Stygian styled city. Well, not a major city obviously but the biggest you are going to find in the exiled lands. There is actually MORE Stygian representation in this game than pretty much any other culture there is. I think you are just nit picking because there is no build set.

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Nordheimer is not a “thing” per say. It is a region which encompasses the Vanir and the Aesir and are represented as well with several armor sets and weapons, as well as New Asgarath and the Ward Towers. I can provide links for you as well, but I see at least 8 armor sets based on Vanir and or Aesir (or from the Ymir religion). Again, there are also weapons as well. There is also a dungeon filled with Frost Giants which is entirely based upon this region. Again, there is no build set per say but this region is fairly well represented. Not quite as much as the Stygians are but pretty well represented. And no, there will not be a Viking set as Vikings did not exist for may thousands of years into the future.

Stygia was in fact the most OVERrepresented faction when the game launched.

  • Stygian Raider armor
  • Stygian Soldier armor
  • Stygian Mercenary/Invader armor
  • Stygian Noble armor
  • Stygian Shield
  • Stygian Khopesh
  • Stygian spear
  • Serpent-stamped khopesh
  • Shield of Kutamun
  • Kraxus’ equipment
  • Most of the vanilla furniture

My brother in Set, the entire game is Stygian DLC.

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Yeah, thanks for the technicalities… but you know what I meant. A proper build set, “Viking” or whatever… and I wouldn’t say the lore and time period are an issue, because then some of the other sets would never have been released. Nemedian is blatantly medieval… a time period much later than the hyborian age (and guess what? Same time period as Vikings :roll_eyes:)… as are all the “pirates.” so that’s pretty much a moot argument in the grand scheme of things. Lore broke long ago.

I want Kambujan building set and placeables rather.

Ah but this is where you’re wrong.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the Hyborian age and how it works.

The entire age is anachronistic, with varying cultures in varying stages of advancement - none of which is tied to our modern understanding of progression. The Hyborian and precursor Thurian ages both convey the concept of cyclical growth and ruin. Advancements come, and are wiped out only to return again in a later age.

In the lore we have civilizations that wield crossbows, and civilizations that don’t understand basic metallurgy. That’s just how the Hyborian age works, and has always worked. Take it up with REH himself if you have a problem with that.


Actually the whole EL is Stygian and Nordheimer themed.

Sandstone/Stonebrick/Reinforced Stone set is rather Stygian.
Insulated Wood/Black Ice set is rather Nordheimer.

So basically, his argument about “Vikings” being 1000s of years in the future doesn’t make a good argument either.

Anyway, I honestly don’t care. I just like building cool shit. I’ve been ignoring lore for a long time and building what I like. Not sure it really should matter at this point. If they wanna add a Viking style build set, should we get mad because it “breaks lore” or just enjoy it? I’ll enjoy it myself.

Well if they add an Aesir or Vanir building set, it wouldn’t break lore whatsoever. Them being “viking” is a cultural counterpart for reference purposes, and the storied precursors to the later real-world vikings.

Yeah, the term “Viking” wasn’t meant to be a literal term. I’m well aware that they’re a later civilization. I merely am referring to the building style. I want to see something similar to their style. If they wanna label it “nordheimer,” “aesir,” “vanir,” or whatever, I could care less tbh. I don’t really much care about the technical terms, since to me, it just feels like anyone correcting such a blatantly obvious detail about the difference between an ancient civilization and a middle age civilization is just being pedantic. And, tbh, is more annoying than anything. I love history as much as the next person, but I’m not gonna throw a fit over the details in a game (based on fictional historical settings or otherwise) if I’m enjoying it as it is already.

My apologies if I’m coming across harshly… I just hate being weighted down by technicalities when I didn’t ask for them and everyone should already know what I’m talking about. I’m not here to debate Conan universe lore… just looking for some good building sets.

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Should anyone know what you are talking about? When you “muddy the waters” so to speak I am sure that you can see how it can be misinterpreted, especially in light of the OP’s post… However I agree that more official build sets based on the cultures of the game would be appreciated. A proper Vanir/Aesir building set as well as a proper Stygian building set put out by Funcom would be wonderful. There are many other cultures with little to no representation in the game that could use some “love” in the exiled lands, such as Kambuja, Kush, Vendhya, Punt and many many others.


Agreed. There’s plenty more that can be done. I’d also like to see them expand some of the pre-existing sets more like they did the sandstone and stormglass. Give us interior frontier walls and fences without spikes. Really, I’d love to see spikes on fences get phased out entirely. They can still keep the “no climb” property, but make them pretty. Frontier has some of the prettiest designs and then they got spikes put on them. Ew. As for new sets, maybe based upon the OP Stygian idea, have some hieroglyphs or something.

Maybe chapter 3 give us more stygian?
Devs tweets some hint about new chapter… probably dev stream incoming nearest days

For me, it’s disappointing that they couldn’t add a Stygian dlc to the game in 5 years.
But you can buy overpriced crap in the Bazaar… WOW

This makes me wonder if you played the game at all no offence…
But there’s so much Stygian representation in the game…

For me it doesn’t have to equally balanced in the game at all. If one culture has more representation than the other, so be it.

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