Stygian Culture Armor

You guys had a great art style for the Stygians in Age of Conan but I feel you kind of dropped the ball in Exiles. I feel like you pushed the Egypt theme a little too hard in this one to the point of blandness. If you guys do a Stygian DLC is really like to see something similar to these.

Almost every culture in Hyboria is based on a real world historical cultures. Stygia is pretty much Hyboria’s version of Egypt so the Egyptian theme fits. Stygian names are almost always Egyptian sounding e.g. Thoth-Amon.

While the armor from AoC is cool, nothing about it says Stygia to me except that it looks evil.


I’m quite aware of Howard’s love for historical fiction and how he built Hyboria but Conan has developed a certain art style which I don’t feel is best represented in the Stygian equipment in the game which is too bland/historical. If I wanted something that looked straight like history then I’d play a historical game. The fact of the matter is Stygia is evil and very old and while it is Egyptian themed, to say that two civilizations spread across thousands of years would develop a carbon copy culture is rediculous.

And yet they do. I do not disagree wu
ith you assertions that the style is too bland but I feel something dark and still evocative of Egypt wouldbe better than the AoC style.

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